View Full Version : Heros of Athas

01-03-2011, 02:56 PM
I'm looking for people to join a new Darksun 2ed ed. game. I'm looking for players who like to primarily roleplay, develop characters' backgrounds so they are relevant for the the game, and story. I love a good battle that makes sense in the plot and not hack and slash or montey haul (it is Darksun afterall). Also, if we remain a small group, currently we are just my girlfriend and I, we can host at our house some of the time. If we get larger than than say 5-6 people hosting in our apartment will be near impossible. If people can host a weekly 4-5 hour game session once a month, that would be great. If people want to read some 2nd Ed. Darksun books, I've got pdfs of all of them. Thanks for looking.