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Chris House
03-23-2007, 07:34 PM
sorry I love that R.S. song
any way hello all my name is Chris House- some of you my know me, some will ignore me and other well not care!
so I WELL BE brief
I am 25 year gaming Vet in many ways, I have played sense I was 12 and am much older now ;)
so I have played everything I can and game MASTERED THE REST!
i LIKE THE OLD STUFF its more open and actually gamer friendly, left room for creative input, but I do play a few new games to say the less but I tire of the simple moronic rule systems currently in use by most game system, I am working on my master piece game system< as always?> it is for my kids all game except the twin four year olds and they just like rolling the dice.
I have a 14 year old and a 12 year old who game, and A Wife who games with me most of the times, but she is not into it like I am, I find most game master do not like me as a player and most players think I am a killer game master because I WELL LET YOU DIE IF YOU ARE STUPID!
I love the poetry of random gaming some times and I BELIEVE that a game masters job is to provide the environment and let the player make their own story from the world you set before them.
as a player I think its my job to play a character no matter how tough he or she as a character maybe.
some time I work out side the box , and I HATE GAMES WHERE the GM is really wanting a mega game but tricks his newer players into playing the Jimmy Olson to every one else's Superman if the player don't know that what they are given. do not mind a challenge just want to know where I am on the bus!
I can list a lot of other issues but I think you get the ideal
I am at time a real Ice Hole as a player if you suck as a game master
I think every one has to start some where, and I CAN BE PATIENT WITH BEGINNING GM - but if your on a power trip - color me gone!

have a nice day

no to a nice subject I do like to play and Game master I like different new and I GET BORED quick , because believe it or not the game master is allowed to have fun too, he is not a servant to the players he is a participate!
if you bore me I well make thing happen to liven up the game, Role playing is great but if your a game hog I well shut you down with . . oh I DO NOT KNOW <ROLLS RANDOM SHAT happens TABLE> Winter storm followed by possible hypothermia and a avalanche! ( let not bore the Game master)
I have ran tournament games with as many as 20 people and had no problems because I knew my game and AFMBE with a mansion map and a lot of pre-made characters and its a breeze-
thanks for your time
hope to see you the forum:p