View Full Version : Old School Gaming!

12-17-2010, 08:34 PM
Looking for Players to delve dungeons and slay kobolds! Come get your retro-role-playing fix and play like it's 1981! No skills or proficiencies, no 5-foot steps: just a sword, a flask of oil and a 10-foot pole! You know you'll be bored over winter break, anyway.

We'll be using a retro-clone based on basic D&D: Labyrinth Lord (http://www.goblinoidgames.com/labyrinthlord.html). Labyrinth Lord is a re-statement of the old-school rules, with the old character classes of Cleric, Elf, Dwarf, Fighter, Magic-User and Thief; stats are straight up 3d6 roles and it's all about player skill and creativity.

The game is a short term thing, just over winter break probably and we'll be playing in a coffeeshop (coffeeology). I hope you wanna play!