View Full Version : Gaming Group in South Hills, Pittsburgh

12-16-2010, 01:22 PM
Our long running group of six have been dwindled to a group of four, by two of our members being recalled back to their country of origin after completing their study here in the States.

Our group consists of four male 30 somethings who have years of RPG and board game experience. Currently we play a slue of games, but we are planning on starting D&D 4th edition again once we find our requisite number of players, 6. We are all well versed in the rules of 4th and may be willing to teach if the right people are found.

The right people would be mature preferably, College age a minimum, available to play on Saturday evenings from 6:30-11pm/12am, a minimum of three times a month. Transportation must be provided by yourself, and local PAT service in the evening is very poor, so a car is preferred.

If you think you may be interested send me an email, David, avocatus0(AT)hotmail.com. That is zero in the email.