View Full Version : Is 'craft arms and armour' worth it and the feat 'master craftsman' in particular?

12-12-2010, 08:43 AM
Hi guys,

I'm thinking about making a 'tinkering ranger' that's makes all kind of gadgets and weapons for capturing and killling prey: he's somewhat of an urban bounty hunter, that is a member of a (semi-criminal) guild in a big city.

that includes the skills:
- craft weapons
- craft Alchemy

I'm also thinking about takng the 'Master Craftsman' feat, so that I can use the 'Craft Arms & Armour' feat. ...and make some magical items myself. Probably I'll max out the 'craft Alchemy' skill.

I'm thing about making my Bow:
- a 'bane' weapon
- a 'Holy' weapon
- and maybe 'seeking'

Would you consider the 'craft Arms and Armour' feat worth it and the 'master Craftsman' feat in particular?.

I primarily like the idea and atmosphere of it, but doubt if if it's worth 2 feats to get a 50% discount on items.

Thanks, Everett

12-12-2010, 01:39 PM
It's available to you, so sure.

Is it fun to play? (which I honestly think it can be)
The campaign you play him in. Is it appropriate?
Is it beneficial to the rest of your adventuring party?
Is he willing to shave costs for his colleagues or is he greedy?
How does he respond to the rest of the world's demands for his expertise?

Just some questions to ask to ask both yourself and the character.