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12-09-2010, 11:18 AM
If you enjoy role-playing as much as combat and mean it. If you enjoy taking a more active role in shaping a campaign instead of waiting for the DM to provide a reasonable excuse to roll for initiative. Consider joining A Malevolent Apparatus, a fantasy campaign set amidst the apocalypse. The setting is dark gray and my DM style is collaborative.

We meet weekly on Sunday nights at my apartment in Langhorne PA. This is a new campaign that starts in January. We will start with 1st level characters and have a group creation session to start off, so there's a lot of opportunity to have input on what you and your character(s) will be doing.

It's a group of 5 players and 1 DM. Our average age is in the low 30's if this matters to you. One more creative player will be a great addition.

Simian Shaw
12-10-2010, 10:42 AM
Clint, the game sounds very interesting. I've been on a hiatus from 4th Edition for a few months but have been playing 4E since it came out (D&D for 17 years). I'm 32 (33 in January) and I'd like to get back in.

I'm a fantastic roleplayer (I 'm not bragging, I can provide references. There was that time that I was under magic compulsion. For the record, Slay Living never works . . . unless you use it to attack the thri-kreen king in his throne room, full of guards and witnesses, ugh.) I live up to my backstories, but also enjoy a good brawl. If the DM allows it, I inject some roleplaying into the fighting as well.

BTW, I love Heroic tier.

12-12-2010, 11:52 PM
Sounds like you could be a type of player I'm looking for to balance out the group of players I have. I'm currently wrapping up a campaign next week or so, take a few weeks off from playing to polish some of the background information for the new one in January. I'll send a message in a couple of days when I have a little more time. I just wanted to shoot you a quick message to say hey I saw your post.