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12-09-2010, 01:32 AM
I'm looking for players interested in playing theater-style (i.e., role-playing focused, no foam swords) live-action RPGs. The games I play are one-shot (not campaigns), and they require no previous experience with any system. New players are always welcome. I'd like to run games every 2-3 months, though currently my player base is a little too small for that kind of frequency.

If you haven't played this type of game before-- if role-playing is one of the things you like about RPGs, you'd definitely like theater LARP. (If you're a 75% combat / 25% role-play sort of person, then this is probably not your thing. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure you'd have a blast; there's usually a range of roles in each game depending on how much role-playing or action you enjoy.) In (my style of) theater LARP, the game's writers create characters and a backstory for the game. Days or weeks before the game, each player is assigned a character, along with a detailed character sheet explaining the character's motivations and goals, and some info about the character's personality and relationships with other characters. In a well-written game, each player starts the game embroiled in all sorts of exciting conflicts and plots and relationships, making it easy to role-play and to stay entertained, even for new players.

And, of course, players act out what their characters do instead of interfacing through the GM and rolling dice. (The system that replaces dice-rolling varies from game to game; I've run/played in games with stylized rock-paper-scissors as the combat system, or "role-play who wins", or even a tactical rpg, depending on the needs of the game.)

You should definitely feel free to send me a message if you're interested, if you're curious, whatever. Or check out this meetup group page: http://www.meetup.com/Ann-Arbor-LARP/.