View Full Version : UK 1900 maptools skype D&D 4E Scales of war level 18

Dokter Avalanche
12-02-2010, 05:13 PM
I am UK based DM of a D&D 4E Scales of War level 18 game. We play over Skype and Maptools and have just had a long term player quit. We are looking for an additional player. Any interest then reply here or pm me.

We are a very friendly group and will be prepared to help anyone learn maptools etc. But please be realistic. At level 18 combats tend to be long (and this is a published adventure so there are a lot of them) and complex so we will not be able to help complete newbies to both maptools and D&D 4E.

We play in English, but have a UK, German, Danish and US player...so anyone is welcome so lomg as you can commit to regular 1900 to 2300 UK Thursday evenings.