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12-01-2010, 09:21 AM

Put the fear of Magic back into your players!

Rite Publishing proudly presents101 Malevolent Magical Items (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=86331&affiliate_id=203141&src=101MMMI_email) GMs can use to liven up their games. These cursed and malevolent items include armors, weapons, rings, staves, rods, wands, scrolls, potions and an assortment of other wondrously cursed objects. Also included are ten legendary items of dark power, suitable as the impetus of a heroic quest or the beginning of a characters tragic personal journey. Ranging in lethality from darkly humorous all the way up to quite deadly, with 101 new items there's a little something for gaming style. We all know that the games we remember best are the ones that challenged us the most. Malevolent magic is one way to create stories your players will be talking about for years to come.

Whether you want to challenge your player's assumptions about magic, provide a memorable plot hook, or merely desire to increase the danger in your game, we encourage you to give 101 Malevolent Magical Items (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=86331&affiliate_id=203141&src=101MMMI_email) a try today.

12-08-2010, 04:36 PM
I pretty much stopped using this kind of thing in my games. Why does anyone go to the expense and trouble of making cursed items? Ergo, a bad item is either a clear mistake in manufacture, or made for a purpose of less than savory nature. Necklace of strangulation for example. I don't count it as a cursed item. They are always pretty, and are assassination tools.

Items just to make the players be careful with magic, not so much. Gotya items make little sense.

12-09-2010, 10:40 AM
Granted, one of the reasons to use the items in this book is to make players more cautious but its not the only reason, nor is it really, in the end, the main reason.

Some of the items (some of the meanest) are actually traps and are described as such. There's a really nasty suit of armor for instance that is just a plain old death trap. But that's actually the minority of the items.

Some of the items are highly suitable for plot devices, propelling the players into action. Some of them create an opportunity for suspense and some of them assist in putting players on a time limit, where they are going to have to solve the problem before the curse really kicks in. And then there are the legendary items in the book. These are powerful magics that can be the centerpiece of a whole set of adventures. Like artifacts (or the One Ring) they can only be destroyed in a certain way and finding out that way is going to take some work. Likewise, the curses are detrimental to PCs but some of these legendary items are going to create villains.

Most of the items, in my opinion, are just going to be plain fun in a game. Some are going to curse the characters in a generally non-lethal way (potion of fur, bag of troubles). Some are admittedly more dangerous. All of them I hope are going to create stories that get retold over and over again. Which is really, in the end, why I think you should give the book a chance: give your players a story and a circumstance they will remember fondly in years to come. :)

-Jonathan McAnulty (author)

12-09-2010, 06:14 PM
Like the bra of doom the teen players found (110ZZ), along with the draft horse's jock strap. Now these show magic. Do you put them on?

They did.

Yes the particular undergarments made you the appropriate gender if not already,and made sure you fit the garment snugly. Worse, after the male character put on the bra and got changed into Tittes Galore THEN some one else tried the jock. Dumber than advertised. They might has well had a "Victoria's Cursed Secret" tag attached, I thought it that obvious. Some people. (Yes, you can use those in the next volume.)

I'm not flat against "cursed" items, I just believe they need to be place and circumstance appropriate, not sprinkled into random treasure. Not all cursed items are "cursed" either. Cloak of Dramma. A natty striking cloak that gives you a +2 to all charisma based skills -- and a -4 to all stealth based ones. The classic disintigration proof vest, the vest cannot be disintigrated. The Bag of Fish, a really badly made bag of tricks. You get random fish. (Whale Shark). Glop. I like glop. You drink glop and it heals your wounds. Well it fills in your wounds. Long story short the more you get wounded the more the glop fills in and deteriorates your physical stats until you are a glop zombie. Dispel the glop and all the accumulated damage comes back.

Might be a quest there, the guy that is half way to being a glop zombie seeks a cure that will not kill.