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12-01-2010, 07:25 AM
Apparently I've got some openings still, if anyone is interested drop a line. I can get you the rules.

The War of the Ring has ended with its destruction in the fires of Mount Doom and the fall of Sauron and his Nine, however, Middle-Earth is far from free of evil. Orcs, Trolls, Dragons, Men and other evils still lurk and dwell in dark places and will give King Elessar much trouble for years to come.

Will you stand against the darkness and help thwart these evils? The 4th Age of Middle-Earth calls heroes like you forth!

Game will start in and around the area of Bree and the Barrowdowns. However, pcs need not be from Bree.

Game Time/Day: Saturday evenings 9-1 am EST.
Start Date: Sat Dec 11th
Timeline: Fourth Age 1
Game: MERP 2e rules with possible Rolemaster expansion later on.
House Rules: 100 gp to start (ignore 2 gp starting funds), you may pick your background options or roll them randomly. However, if you wish to combine them all into one mighty magic item/heirloom or the like, you must seek approval from me first. Also no Orcs/Trolls/Corsairs/Easterlings/Haradrim/Variags/Black Numenoreans as pc races. Noldor are also going to be rare. Sindar or Silvan elves ok, most other men and dwarves, hobbits are alright. Also you may reroll your attributes if they're all lower then 65 one additional time, keeping the results. Remember that you can replace your lowest stat with a 90 for your prime attribute. Also remember any stat below 20 can be rerolled at any time.

Sheets should be in .doc/.rtf/.txt/,pdf or pc node files preferred, but the .xls file that trollblood offered will work too. Send me your completed sheets to my email at landothearchmagi at comcast.net.

trollblood2008-Dwarven Animist
daddystabz-Dunedain Ranger
wysiwyg-Half elven Warrior
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