View Full Version : [Arcana Evolved] Isles of Chaos

Itzhak Even
11-22-2010, 09:34 PM
Some 200 years ago, the world changed. The great empire of the Giants, who has ruled most of the known world, has collapsed within a few years, besieged as it was by the return of the Dragons, and their armies. But even as the fighting grew fierce, the mightiest of the Giants have managed to slay some of the great wyrms, forcing the two sides to try and reach an agreement. But it seem that it was not to be, for the fighting broke anew, and the world was engulfed in flames.

Remnants of the various races have fled to distant corners of the world, seeking to find a place for themselves where they can live free. One such location is the Isles of Chaos. A place notorious for it's fierce people, and their desire to be free, of either Giant or Dragon rule.

But can these people be free? And what does it mean to be free?
Come one, come all, for the tides are shifting, and the making or breaking of the world might rest in your hands...

Am looking for a group of players who will be interested to play.