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11-17-2010, 04:17 PM
I am looking for a group to run all of the Giovanni chronicles with. I have run the first one several times but I have never been able to run all of them. We would be using white wolf third or fourth edition (depending on player desire) and hopefully meeting on the weekends though that would be changeable again according to player desire. I'd love to meet at pasttimes as that is extremely close to where I live but that isn't necessary any shop in Asheville will do.

About the campagin: The giovanni chronicles are perhaps the best adventures that white wolf put out..and they put out some great ones. This is a mature game so if you are easily offended (aka you are an extreme religious conservative) this may not be the game for you, but really if you are an extreme religious conservative what are you doing at this site...? This is also a RP heavy game so if you are looking for quick and constant combat this will not be the game for you. As well I am hoping to run all 4 or these modules so if you are going to be moving soon then may not be one for you to sign up for. This is a great campagin to play if you are new to the world of vampire as it starts off with characters that know nothing but grow to be powerful players in the vampire world. This is a written module but I have taken liberties with it when I have played it in the past and expect I will continue doing so. But of course this being white wolf having a module doesn't mean you are told exactly what to do and where to go free form is expected..(in one game my group decided to burn down a bar and make it so many people saw their powers and survived...they lived it up in the town for awhile...until the inquisition arrived all of this of course was off book).

Anyway this is long enough now, if interested email me! Twelve would be the perfect number to run this but will start if I get four people...(others would of course be able to join later)