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11-17-2010, 11:55 AM
Dragon Quest is set in the Lands of the Unikam Empire south of the Lands of Bavidirian. Here you will find a land filled with dragons pillaging human towns, destroying elvin forests, and caving in dwarven merchants. The people of the lands had it and want to stop the madness of dragons. Your adventurer starts in a small village called Greensville.

Instructions : Upon entering the tavern describe your adventurer in a creative way, which includes race, class, and possessions. Don't forget to announce your adventurer's name. Your adventurer can buy drinks unlimited until a character sheet has been created, which will be done automatically for you. Click here to go to to your "character sheet thread" to find your adventurer's character sheet. Please allow the gamemaster some time to create your character sheet. Thank you.

Warning: If you fail to mention name, class, race, and possessions in a creative way while entering the tavern...your post will be deleted!

Example: A very tall man with black hair and beard enters the tavern. He swings over his claymore over his leather armor and hails everyone by the name of "Ulgar the Great" before stomping towards the tavern. Morrison the owner of the establishment recognizes the man as a half-giant warrior and greets his newcomer.
Here is what your adventurer sees: Don't write this part!

* * *

Along the eastern river as you enter Greenville you will eventually come across the Red Dragon Tavern, and it's stables directly across from it. Inside the place is nicely decorated and clean. Morrison, the owner of the establishment, is usually found behind the bar or in the kitchen cooking. If he is not behind the bar, an older woman takes his spot.::

::The establishment, due to recent events, has five guards who randomly patrol the inside and outer workings of the building. The rooms are located on the second and third floors and the basement and kitchen area are both off-limits.::
Here is the Pricing List for the Inn:

1. Regular Room: 10 g per night
2. Luxury Suites: 100 g per night
3. Using the Bath: 5 g (Restores 15 HP)

Bar List:

1. Grapan Liquor - 5 g
2. Dwarven Mead - 3 g
3. Elvin Wine - 3 g
4. Chef's Delight - 3 g (Chef's Special: varies day to day)
5. Rations - 2 g (Take out food)
6. Goblin's Brew - 1 g (Greenville Favorite)

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