View Full Version : Looking for Players in the Appleton Area

11-16-2010, 11:56 AM
Game is taking place a Chimera Hobby in appleton from Noon to roughly 6pm. the reason I have left most blank is because we are transitioning between games at the moment do to loss of players. We have been playing Star Ward D20, but if there is enough intrest and the books are available then other games can be considered.

If intrested show up at Chimera and look for me. My name is Shannon and am usually hanging around with the Warhammer Fantasy/40k players (I normally have on a black cowboy hat or have it near by) or you can email me at doofydobie@mail.com.

We have started a new game, rather suddenly. We are now going to play a modified varient of the Palladium fantasy world with a couple of tweaks ive borrowed from other settings ive played in. We have 3 players now but can accomidate up to 3 more with relative ease at this point, tho that may change as the experience level of the group increases. Still at the same time and place listed above, so feel free to come by and talk with us so we can see if you would fit in well with the group.