View Full Version : Suggestion: Finding a Group in your Area FAQ

11-14-2010, 09:55 PM
I've noticed something, in chat. People will come in after being in the forums, sometimes for weeks. Sometimes they will have found the locator and used it, sometimes not, but people join and are looking for ways to find people and games in their areas, but don't really know the various ways of going about it, and eventually make it into chat to ask around in there, looking for gamers in their area. Is there a way to have someone knowledgeable in the site make up a FAQ for newcomers to the site to help welcome them and make their joining pleasant and simple, to give them a one-stop rundown of all their options of the things they can try, the different forums and places they can post and join (local meetup groups, etc)? I think an official site FAQ would probably go a long way to retaining new members, but I don't use these features so I don't know enough about it.