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11-08-2010, 03:13 PM
We're looking for a few more players for a post-apocalyptic fantasy dark future game with animistic overtones. We play as regularly as schedule allows on Saturdays.

The primary world is a combination of American tropes, with the looming threat of cold-war style foreign enemies, internal paranoia, strong sentiments toward the future, and the idea of rugged individualism plays a strong role. In addition, Native American mythology as well as pioneer folklore plays a large role in the mythos and physical construction of the world.

There is, in the world, nothing that is not powered by magic. Magic is the force by which the world is driven, and science is the tool used for describing that force. Mana is the potential magical energy an object or person possesses, Anooa Tayha is the expression of that energy, and Peng is the act of expression. In more common terms, Peng is the act of gathering energy for a spell, and Anooa Tayha is the effect or the actual casting of the spell. Many meditative practices push mana to peng and back again.

There are many traditions and users of magic, those with specific methods of expressing their power, either born or trained, and there are talents, whose powers fit none of those categories.

Depending on how things go (I may have to restart), the game will either be PL 5 or 10 and focus on either a town or a larger region.

11-11-2010, 12:25 PM
For design aesthetic, imagine the World's Fair had never ended, or that its predictions, at least, came true. Art Deco never died, and streamline moderne was tempered by tribal design aesthetics. Golems run the gamut from cornsilk haired rag dolls to Robby-the-Robot machines, and buildings express the artful eyebrows, bandings, and columns of the atomic era.


A bit of raygun gothic, diesel punk, and some deliberate zeerust make up the primary appearance of buildings, cars, and weapons of the setting, spiced up with pieces plucked from tribal cultures. This is also the age of the zeppelin, the skyscraper, and the ocean liner, taken to their extremes. Vast city-spires reach into the sky, connected to one another through highways and bridges that run through the upper floors of super cities, with airship docks amid the wind-whipped vaulted roofs. The metropoli rise like monoliths decorated by schools of airships like fish in a coral reef, lit up by spotlights waving at the clouds.