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jade von delioch
11-08-2010, 12:39 PM

My Game Peng Lai is into the external playtest step and I need a few game groups to test it out for at least 8-10 game session (if not more).

The game is about:

There is a story in Peng Lai that is passed down through the years
about those born into this world with the favor of heaven written upon
them. It is said that these chosen will bring about a great change into
the world; for better or for worse. That they will appear a score of years
after the stars that mark them have aligned in the heavens and they will
bare these stars as a sign of their favor. This alignment happens once
in a 1000 years, and it has been 20 years since the last great celestial
alignment past. The all of Peng Lai now waits with unabated breath for
what is to happen next.

The chosen ones lead the world into the next age. Your first question
is, how are they supposed to do this?
Since the dawn of this world, when the Pangu created everything and
divided the land up between the first Kings, there existed “The Keys of
Fuxi”, These are 8 keys or items that correspond to the Eight Diagrams;
Sky, Earth, Thunder, Water, Wind, Fire, Mountain, and Lake . The
Chosen need to collect these items before the 21st year after the celestral
alignment has past. This means that the characters have one year to
complete this task. Whether they will follow their destiny or become
wayward by their own wants and needs or those of other persons is up
to them. The choice is their, but if they fail in this task the world will
change for the worse.
During the 21st year in the Shadow mountain, a mountain of an
unknown location, the Gate to the tomb of the dead Immortal begins
to open. It is here that the 8 items must be brought to in order for the
gate to be resealed. The gate will be completely open at the end of the
year, at the end of the Ching Ming Festival, and the balance of Ying and
Yang is destroyed. Until then, during this year, negative energy – Yang,
will slowly increase throughout Peng Lai. No one but the wisest of sages
knows what will take place if this happens. Some say that a Yaomo God
will enter into this world and claim it as his own. Only one thing is for
sure, that the spread of Yang will bring forth more Yaomo to bring plight
and torment to the innocent people of the lands.

If you are interested you can contact me here.