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11-08-2010, 10:00 AM
Normally I'd post a campaign invite, but I am not the GM, and it is kind of in bad taste to do an invite if you are just a player.

I said online, but if there are people in the Hampton Roads area of VA that want to play/GM, even better.

I was trying to run a HERO game (inspired by final fantasy), but it never took off. I still like the HERO system, and would still love to play in a HERO game.

I have never played in a super-heroic game, but I have always wanted to. I could NEVER run one well, but I'd love to play in one. I just wouldn't be able to come up with good missions/adventures. I have good ideas for general game concepts, but wouldn't know how to fill in the details. So this is a generic call for GM's and players alike to get together and play.

It can be any system, but I like the HERO system. If unfamiliar with HERO, that's ok, I am new to it too. If (as a GM) you are unfamiliar with HERO, that's ok, I am sure we can figure something out until you get a copy for yourself. I don't have any objection to "lending" my pdf copy to aid you in running the game. I figure that is equivalent to lending you a sourcebook or letting you use one of my 5 downloads for D&D insider, as long as you don't distribute it to the whole world. I'd just prefer HERO, because it is balanced and has nifty mechanics (and to get use out of my book aside from interesting reading material).

By "slight", I mean a bit lower powered than normal. Specifically with HERO, maybe only a 300 pt build. This would call for a team of heroes rather than being powerful enough to be on your own.

Some possible campaign ideas:

The eXiles - the timekeeper (a master of time and space) acts in a professor X capacity by delegating the team out to different places (worlds) and times to correct bad things or aid the world. It'd sort of be a combination of sliders and quantum leap. This affords a lot of opportunities for different settings, technology levels, etc... One mission may involve going to Earth-815 during the civil war to do ____, and the next go to a present-day Earth-9882 where super powers are literally non-existant to help them with ____, then go to a post-apocalyptic Earth-26 and overthrow the evil tyrant, etc...

When I first came across the eXiles, I thought it was a super cool concept, and great venue for a super hero RPG.

Breaking the Bat - a team of villains (more like Kingpin and his croney's, no "Joker" types). You gain ranks in the criminal organization (your powers could be your secret to success) by pulling certain jobs like the grand theft auto game. Rob banks, steal government technology, etc... You have to plan things out you wouldn't normally plan out as a protagonist. On the long-term, you'd overthrow the organization and bring down the super hero (i.e. batman) who is always on your case (hence "breaking the bat"). This would be tricky (for team cohesion and cooperation and still stay in character). Maybe establish the organization as Yakuza (honor above all) and you have a certain "code" where you don't severely harm innocents (but may knock them unconscious if they get in your way), kill/torture only when necessary, and so on.

I didn't know much about Bane from batman, but he was in my Lego game. As such, I looked into his story, and how he was able to break his back was mind-blowing. How clever and cool. This is what gave me inspiration for wanting to play in a villain campaign. This is never something you could do as a hero, but what a fun campaign concept.

Generic - the age-old, but still fun, super-heroic game. Taken from the GM's head as inspired by movies, comics, tv shows, whatever.

To me, there are two ways to run a super hero game. Either episodic or long-term over-arching campaign. Both have their bonuses. Episodic allows for a variety of "missions" and doesn't require cohesion (players can leave the game as they please). Long-term campaigns are great because of the interesting story that unfolds, the opportunities for interesting character development, and so on. I think any of the campaign ideas above could be episodic or over-arching.

Anyhoo, if interested, please reply. I have posted invites on other forums too. Maybe we can get enough together for a fun game.

08-14-2011, 11:15 AM
sound like fun i would like to try out the system lol this an online game right? im avalible any day after 5PM est time hit me back if you dare

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05-08-2012, 02:22 PM

I tried some PBP super hero games at herocentral, but they either moved WAY too slow (one post a week) or nothing happened (lounged around lobby of superhero building).

I have generated many interesting characters, but again, nobody to play them with.

I could never GM a superheroic game (too unfamiliar with the genre to really set up a whole game), but would love to play in one.

As such, I am looking for an online champions game (if there are any out there). I will conform to whatever building standards you need, as long as RP/combat is a reasonable 50/50 split (I don't want a high school game where there is more concern whether I'll pass my final compared to saving the world). I wouldn't mind building a teenage level hero, but I would want something to happen. I'd rather not relive high school.

If it is time commitment, I am pretty adept at HERO, so I TOTALLY wouldn't mind building up mooks and villains and such. You could just tell me what you want (but not what it's for) and I'll build it, to help alleviate the time commitment.

I know those GMs out there LOVE face to face (who doesn't) but what's better, a non-existant face-to-face game, or an online game with enthusiastic players.

John Desmarais
07-17-2012, 08:02 PM
How do you feel about Pulp Adventure?