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11-06-2010, 01:15 PM

The following games are available for you to play. If you like one make sure to contact the gamemaster to get instructions on how to start.

Dungeon & Dragons 3.5 - The grandfather of fantasy tabletop gaming available to play at Fantasy Chapters www.fantasychapters.com (http://www.fantasychapters.com/) as a play by post game. Contact screenname arthurrosewood at the site.

Tolkien's World - The deep fantasy world of J.R.R. Tolkien (the father of fantasy at a different level) is available to you. If you like the author's work then you will have the opportunity to explore MiddleEarth at a different level. Contact screenname arthurrosewood at www.fantasychapters.com (http://www.fantasychapters.com/) on how to get started.

Skill Master - A sword & sorcery medieval tabletop roleplaying game played in the forums (Play by Post) that involves two deck of cards to make results instead of dice. If you do not own cards we have a online shuffler card system link to provide or the gamemaster can draw cards for you if you like. If interested contact screenname arthurrosewood at www.fantasychapters.com (http://www.fantasychapters.com/) to get started.

Green Dragon Adventures - based on the novel Darkness Awakens written by John Buchhalter and converted into a campaign created by screenname 4dwarves and rastus. This world is being invaded by demons and only the brave have a chance to enter the Lands of Bavidirian. If interested contact screenname 4dwarves at www.fantasychapters.com (http://www.fantasychapters.com/) to get you started.

Armies of Salvagard - created by Ed Lucas that involves in a fantasy setting werewolves and humans. This intense game requires creativity, the interest to write and envision the world of Salvagard exploiting your imagination to resound adventures never told before. Only the witty and brave may join, yet when so...you will enjoy the campaigns forever. If interested contact screenname Ed Lucas at www.fantasychapters.com (http://www.fantasychapters.com/) to get started.

Justifiers - is a science fiction game to where you are part human and part animal.
The property of the Corporation that spawned you.Your job: Justification and Pacification of new worlds. Find exploitable resources and eliminate dangerous indigenous lifeforms.Your goal: SURVIVE! Stay alive until you can buy your way to freedom. Till then your one of the... Justifiers." If you like to try this game contact screename arthurrosewood at www.scifichapters.webs.com (http://www.scifichapters.webs.com/) to build your character sheet.

Scion - is a role-playing game wherein players take on the roles of mortal descendants of gods embroiled in a divine war between the gods and their ancestors, the Titans: powerful, primordial embodiments of concepts such as water, chaos or light which recently escaped after thousands of years of imprisonment in Tartarus. If you are interested in being a God then don't hesitate to contact screenname The Fates at www.scifichapters.webs.com (http://www.scifichapters.webs.com/)

Western World - Become a cowboy, outlaw, marshall, sheriff, or maybe even a rich saloon owner in a fascinating and rare tabletop style roleplaying game. Here anything can happen, but never leave your gun or guns behind when doing so! If you like to embark in the past and see what it was like then this game is a must. If you are interested contact screenname arthurrosewood at www.westernchapters.webs.com (http://www.westernchapters.webs.com/) to get your character sheet started.

The Chapters family is looking for a gamemaster that would be interested in hosting games at Western Chapters www.westernchapters.webs.com (http://www.westernchapters.webs.com/) and at Horror Chapters www.horrorchapters.webs.com (http://www.horrorchapters.webs.com/). Such games include Boot Hill by Gary Gygax, Deadlands RPG, Vampire Masquerade, Werewolf Masquerade, The Changling, or any other tabletop rpg you know that will fit the genre.

Also there is alot of room left for the scifichapters site. Such games that would be fun to have include d20 Star Wars, Star Trek, or even Battlestar Galactica.

Have a great week and good luck gaming!

The Green Dragon

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