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10-27-2010, 12:59 AM
Are you looking for something more to challenge your Pathfinder heroes? Don't settle for one thing, pick up 32 new templates sure to provide countless challenges and encounters! The Book of Monster Templates brings you slavering beasts, like the Accursed template, refined foes, like the Civilized template, and inscrutable creatures, like the Mythic Creature or Aware Arcana templates. Each option is lovingly illustrated and complemented with an example stat block-- offering twenty four monsters ready to harrass parties from first level all the way to sixteen and beyond.

Give your game something extra, and get Templated today and give your parties a new source for fear!

Check it out HERE (http://paizo.com/store/byCompany/r/ritePublishing/pathfinderRPG/templates/v5748btpy8hf3)