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10-25-2010, 01:05 AM
I am contemplating resurrecting an old world I had used in 1st Edition, updating it to 3.5, and running adventures on it. But, I am wondering, I already did this to my world of Arol, so what would be the advantage of updating Sereph, too, especially since they share the common themes of being inspired by old Dungeons and Dragons tropes.

I thought I would post some of my ideas here, in hopes of getting feedback and ideas.

I suppose one advantage would be to run adventures in a different climate zone. When I ran adventures on Arol, I took a previously undefined section in the northwest, and defined it as the kingdom of Audor, adjacent to the arctic circle (although warmed by ocean currents) and influenced by Norse mythology.

So I could do a similar thing with Sereph, running adventures in a different area to the south of Indahara and the Tennish Empire, where the climate is warmer and it only snows up in the mountains.

The major distinction between Arol and Sereph was that Arol was an eclectically open world in which almost anything could be found. There were hundreds of gods to choose from, not only in the Norse pantheon, but also in others as well. Pretty much any race could be found. I did limit the classes and prestige classes, though.

Sereph, on the other hand, was conceived as oligitheistic. There are only four gods, each tied to one of the elements. Thus, for a cleric, her alignment is going to restrict which patron deity, element, and other domains she can choose. The races and monsters of the world also come from a more limited pallet.

As a starting point, I sketched out a map of an area near the edges of major countries. The Tennish Empire (quasi-Roman in flavor) is to the north, with the spun-off Empire of Kram to the northwest, where there are pyramids from an ancient empire whom the Tennish conquered. To the northeast are the lands of Indahara, inspired by ideas of the Indian subcontinent. To the east is Do-Ge-Ran, which is a good place for oriental flavor. (the orientals in my campaign worlds always seem to end up in the east, for some reason) To the west are the Dragon Islands where, believe it or not, you will find dragons.

The PCs are in the Kingdom of Redhawk, which is a small kingdom among a bunch of other small kingdoms existing at the edge of empires. They are concerned about the nearby Kingdom of Darovan, which is ruled by a council of vampires. Fortunately, alliances with other kingdoms is sufficient to keep the Darovanian army on their side of the Red River.

While Arol was filled with kobold paladins and hobgoblin rangers and orc barbarians, I think for Sereph I will tend to keep the non-demihumans more savage and less civilized. I might use the Adept class for witchdoctors among them, and Barbarians may be appropriate for a few of their more elite members, but in general they are nasty and uncivilized, and their cultures reflect that.

I have not yet decided what I will and will not have. I sketched in a "Dervish Kingdom", so there will probably be Dervishes. I'll probably include everything in the three core books, and be using the Expanded Psionics Handbook as well. Like in Arol, prestige classes will be limited, but to a different set.

Divine classes:

Clerics have to choose one of the four gods of the world: Jarlon, Suluzetaria, Sarlon, or Naresha, alignments LG, CN, LE, and N, respectively and element associations Air, Water, Fire, and Earth, respectively.

Paladins may worship Jarlon, who is basically a crystal dragon Jesus (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CrystalDragonJesus), or may worship one of the saints, or may worship one of the famous warriors who has attained quasi-demigod status, or may just devote herself to the concepts of lawful and good.

Druids may worship Naresha, or a nature spirit powerful enough to sponsor druids, or "nature in general"

Rangers usually worship "nature in general" but may also gain spells as druids do. Rangers who choose one of the gods other than Naresha would be considered "variant" and I'd have to consider a slightly different spell list for those rangers.

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Having limited the deities to four, this seems to affect how the "evil" races would interact.

Kobolds are lawful evil, and can be conceived of as minions of the LE Sarlon. But chaotic evil monsters are not such good minions for a lawful evil deity.

Orcs, for example, I have always conceived of as chaotic evil instead of lawful evil. Perhaps some orcs do worship Sarlon and at least try to be lawful about it. The chaotic evil clergy, on the other hand, would have to worship Suluzetaria instead, and her clergy extends across the chaotic side of the alignment graph to chaotic good. Chaotic good orcs? Not very likely, but possible.

Ogres, I am thinking, might worship Sarlon, Suluzetaria, or Naresha. Their temperment would be affected by which deity they choose to worship, or if they choose not to worship a deity at all.

This will take some thinking.