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10-22-2010, 12:18 PM
Hello - this is the final call for the last 1-2 players for a new 4E campaign in Dallas (actually, I'll be running it out of my place in Addison). I'm new to 4E, heard the pros/cons, thought I'd brush up on my DM skills and start a new group to really test out the 4E rules and see what it is like. Hopefully we will have a lot of fun. Still need 1-2 commitments and we can start playing. Looks like we already have some good players lined up.

Here was the original campaign post:

Looking for players to start up a new 4e campaign.
New to the system myself, and haven't DM'ed in quite awhile, so new players and inexperienced players are welcome.
Currently in an ongoing 3.5e game on alternating Friday nights, so I was looking to play bi-weekly, either during the week (Tues or Wed nights) or on Sunday evenings.
We would be running fun, efficient, 4-hour gaming sessions on whatever night we choose.
Players should range from mid-20's to mid-40's. I'm a professional, parent, mainstream type of person (please, no players who want to dress as their characters) and would like to game with those who are similar.
Very critical for players to be consistent in coming to the game, respectful of the other players in the group, and enthusiastic and involved during the actual game.

Send an email or respond here with some information about yourself, when you would prefer the game night to be, how much gaming and/or 4e experience you have, and if you are able to really become part of an ongoing, consistent group.


10-25-2010, 10:53 PM
im still good if u need me