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10-19-2010, 01:43 AM

The Setting:

The planet TANTALUS is in it's final fight with the alien race known as the COVENANT. You are a SPARTAN III in VECTOR SQUAD. Several days ago an order was sent out, Admiral Roland Freemont ordered all UNSC forces from the falling planet TANTALUS in order to aid in the defense of REACH.

In Accordance with United Nations Space Command Emergency Priority Order 098831A-1, otherwise known as the Cole Protocol all data involving new technologies and the possible location of earth was set to be destroyed. The data was wiped and timed explosives were set in order to destroy them for good. It seems however that the databank at Outpost Omega was overrun by COVENANT before they had a chance to detonate.

Your Mission:

Deploy from drop pods into the now occupied Outpost Omega fight your way through the COVENANT and make it to the central data terminal beneath Outpost Omega, confirm that the data was erased, set charges, and destroy the outpost.


I've been spit-balling a homebrew d10 ruleset. It's very simple, you use a single d10 for everything that needs rolling, aiming to roll low.

- The characters have shields and health, damage depletes shields before health. Shields regenerate to full after 2 rounds of not taking damage.

- There is no Armor class or Defense, if you hit the target number listed for that distance you hit. The Spartans are equipped with different weapons that deal a different amount of set damage.

- You are granted a limited ammout of actions per turn, for example, with a single action you can...

1. Move two squares

2. Aim and shoot (Using more actions to aim increases target number)

3. Make an opposed roll in order to disarm or disable an enemy in melee. (Using more actions increases your chance of success)

And that's pretty much it. Odly enough when you play it ends up being lots of fun. It may seem a bit simple at first, but the choice to do multiple things in a single turn will quickly turn itself into heaps of fun. Heres an example of how a player's turn would go.

Examples of Play:

A generic example...

Reggie looks ahead of him, he can see that there are a number of grunts to his left, he spends 2 actions and moves into cover behind an old tree stump. He pokes his head out and fires at a couple grunts, killing them.

A more complex combo...

Reggie's assault rifle clicks as he pulls the trigger, it's empty. Just ahead of him there is a pair of elites, he eyes the plasma grenade at his waist and dashes out several feet from cover spending one action to move, dropping his empty assault rifle he spends another action to make an opposed roll to grab the plasma grenade. Using his last 2 actions, he presses the button, slaps it onto the back of the nearest elite and rolls away, a blue explosion engulfing the elites.

I'm guessing at first it sounds a little bland, but the range of things you can do is quite astonishing, it makes for a quick and thrilling game.

Final Thoughts:

If we do get this game rolling, I have premade characters built, but if you have a specific character in mind, send me the concept and I'll outfit you, send it back to you for confirmation and then that's what you'll use.

This system is quick, dirty, and tons of fun, if you're tired of the heavy role-playing and simply want to have a slug-fest, this system might be what you're looking for.

Hope to see you in the field

Sha-Rijle Out.


11-04-2010, 03:23 AM
Well I actually did get some people together and we tried it out, was pretty fun, it was fairly fast paced and we got through the one shot adventure in about 20 min. But I have something else in mind for a more long term game.