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10-17-2010, 07:44 PM
Hey folks,

Not sure if this is the right place for this but looked and couldn't find another place so here goes:

Online PF player looking for campaigns. I am versed in the use of Maptools and Open RPG and have both installed.

I'm in the EST timezone (9 PM in California is midnight to me and 5 AM in Great Britain).

Currently Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are wide open for me and Thursday half open.

Some things you should know:

I abhor powergaming and party splitters like Paladins or Cavaliers who's owners play them like Paladins. I believe the game should be fun for everyone and that the GM shouldn't be forced to decide whether the foe should be big enough to challenge the munchkinized barbarian but clobber everyone else or small enough to be in the same ballpark as the rest of the party, if any are left after the barbarian rages them into the ground. I build my characters from their identity outwards, not from mechanics inwards. Consequently many of my characters are multi-classed because frankly, none of my concepts fits neatly into one class.

I don’t do evil, though I will do someone who does borderline things for the cause of good.

If I say I'm going to be somewhere at a certain time I am.

I've also got a stable of characters that can be leveled to suit though as a personal preference I like campaigns that start at 5th or 6th level as this allows the character to develop enough to somewhat resemble the identity I had in my head when I thought of it.

These include:

Brombozzle Brumbleburr – Gnome Fighter (Weapon Master) (6) - Trained by an Elf and Dwarf in the art of battle in general and in the Elven Curve Blade and Short Bow in particular. Is very much the professional soldier, an advanced scout type. He doesn’t have patience for thick skulled, town watch types, whom he will call ‘Wallwalkers’ derisively when they are slow on the uptake. He rides a Leopard Lizard. Best suited for Campaign type: Wilderness, Various

Brother Yado Ruckletuck - Halfling Monk/Rogue/Sorcerer (Arcana Bloodline) (2/2/1) - Thrown out of his home by his father because "The Bugglebarrow Ruckletucks do not mess with magic, they do not!", his life of thievery in the big city came to an abrupt end when a monk saved him from the gallows and took him in. Best suited for Campaign type: Urban, Various

Dyrhaefizaal Erimaal – Elf Fighter/Rogue (2/3) - Son of a respected weaponsmith from Greengold, Rhaef is a ne’er-do-well alcoholic who is trying to make up for lost time after living from bottle to bottle for years. He is in love with a prostitute and dreams of the day he can buy her contract, make an honest woman out of her and open his own shop. Favours Chakrams in combat. Best suited for Campaign type: Urban, Various

Eberk Kekalmeier - Human Artificer/Rogue (2/3) - (Lots of errata written in from the Paizo boards to downbalance the Artificer class) - Carries on the family tradition (all 21 of them) of being a toymaker by day and a 'retriever of things' by night. Steals back that which has been stolen on a contract basis. Best suited for Campaign type: Urban, Town to Town

Fargus Faadhyaa - Human Ranger/Fighter/Rogue (2/2/1) - A half horseclan barbarian/half Varisian 'gypsy', he is a bountyhunter who has taught his horse a bunch of stupid pet tricks which he uses in an effort to get people to surrender peacefully. In battle he favours bows and bolas from horseback. Best suited for Campaign type: Various, Above Ground

Father Parnackle Mulkenrill - Halfling Cleric (Liberation/Healing Domains)/Rogue (3/2) - A priest of Milani and an abolitionist, he was an active member of the 'underground caravan (?)' operating out out of Isger, smuggling Halfling slaves out of Cheliax before almost being discovered himself. He is currently on the run. Best suited for Campaign type: Various

Glymglandurgyll Grundalgee - Gnome Oracle (Haunted Curse/Lore Mystery)/Wizard (Favoured School Foretelling/Opposing Schools Illusion, Enchantment) 3/3 - A bespectacled bookish Gnome researcher with a small screech owl familiar, he is never without his personal library and the ghosts of a trio of goblin brothers whom he regularly engages in intellectual discussions. After years of a cloistered existence, the siblings Nork, Glork and Blork have finally convinced Glym to ‘see what lies beyond the books and scrolls’. Best suited for Campaign type: Various

Gormic 'Pretty' Nangalmaar - Human Fighter/Cleric (Strength/War Domains) 3/3 - A huge (6'6" 283 lbs) bear-like man, Gormic is called 'Pretty' for the same reason you call a white horse 'Midnight' Comes from a small nameless island shanytown. The quintessential ‘Happy Neanderthal’, he drives a buckboard with a four horse team. Due to his history has abandonment issues and as such travels with a pet goat called 'Goat' and will go the extra mile for children. Favours his great warclub called 'Matilda' in battle. Best suited for Campaign type: Caravan, Town to Town

Gwyllifyra Caeryffrynel - Elf Oracle (Haunted Curse/Nature Mystery)/Witch (Agility Patron) (3/2) - Precocious female elf foundling with a goat familiar and an animal companion that is the family ox who outlived her human 'parents' and until she left, lived on their thoroughly overgrown farm in the middle of the woods catering to superstitious villagers, none of whom would admit it if asked. Best suited for Campaign type: Forest

Klandeggin Moltenfist - Dwarf Cleric (Fire/Leadership Domains)/Alchemist (3/2) - A crusty well-liked military chaplain who recently mustered out because he had a crisis of faith and didn't see himself as a career military man anymore. As a follower of Angradd he uses a Great Axe in melee, though opts for bombs to start. He does like things that go boom. Has been known to 'mine' an occupied latrine with a firecracker in the past. Best suited for Campaign type: Mountain, Various

Larpa Mottmozulmogg - Halfling Oracle (Tongues Curse/Lore Mystery)/Rogue (3/3) - A Halfling investigator from Lavieton, Andoran whose curse of breaking into Abyssal at times caused many a suspicious eye to cast his way. Favours War Razors. Best suited for Campaign type: Urban, Various

Malakai Skestorovych - Half-Elf Fighter/Alchemist (2/3) - The son of a Cheiaxian political exile, he was radicalized by his father's beliefs at an early age. He however became frustrated with the old man's 'all talk and no action' methods. He is now himself a political revolutionary in the finest tradition of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin except with a lot less talk and a lot more explosions. He despises tyranny above all else. Best suited for Campaign type: Urban, Various

Mumbo Sekuundi - Human Alchemist/Witch (Deception) (3/2) - A native of the of the Bekyar tribes from the Mwangi Expanse, he fled to Rahadoum to get away from those who wanted him dead for speaking out against demon worship and other unspeakable acts prevalent within the tribe. Best suited for Campaign type: Various, Non-Arctic

Uskarn Domasku - Human Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist)/Druid (Bear Shaman) (2/3) - Son of a tribal shaman from Numeria, he ended up being hunted for sport in the Shudderwood by Ustalavian 'nobles'. Is very much against the captivity of innocents and will take measures against such situations when he finds them. Favours claw/claw/bite and grappling and doesn't know the meaning of the word 'quit' when in combat. Best suited for Campaign type: Wilderness, Various

Out of all of these I'm probably jonesing to play Glymgandurgyll, Gormic, Klandeggin and Uskarn the most in no particular order followed by Eberk, Fargus and Gwyllifyra also in no particular order.

Best way to contact me is Skype or PM here: Hockey_Hippie

Hoping to find a good game.


10-18-2010, 02:09 PM
I may have a campaign for you that suits your preferences, depending on scheduling and circumstance.