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Soft Serve
10-13-2010, 12:36 PM
So I like horror...

Ok I love it.

But I almost always add at least a sanity bar to games (even if the players don't know it.)
And I almost always add viceral effects to dead things more than I do buildings. (You see one stained glass window in a beautiful church cathedral, you've seen em' all.)

So it's no surprise to any of my players in D&D 3.5, when some Lovecraftian horror tentacle will occasionally pop out of a giant pile of bones. Or when the other players all start to look like horses after the last time you watched a dead body bloat and explode into several spiders or wasps. (Flying creatures work better outdoors, creepy crawlers for tight quarters.)

Here's Bay-Pointe Annex. Two hobgoblin tribes fighting over a shipping town what used to be nice and inhabited. (By humans of course.) Is now the course of an eerie nightly green-purple-orange glow in place of the lighthouse light, and the once vigorous warring hobgoblins have settled for a roughly peaceful co-existance splitting the town into "Bay" and "Pointe" areas.

The ONLY reason a PC would want to come here is for money and exploration. The light is certainly enough to imbue curiousity. The uneasiness of this sudden peace brings to light it was more about fear than acceptance, and nearby civilizations would like to know whats so damn scarry that the most vicious humanoid race they've ever seen have suddenly lost all courage and claim to be a stable body. Ergo adventurers, cause as the lord of any land you know you aren't getting a Guard to go in there. This spells big pile o' moneys for anyone willing to find the source.

Now you've got them going, seeing what's going on. And from here it's on you. But to cover the basics you'll have them seeing (in order on arrival)

Outer wall fortifications have sharpened wooden spike ends on BOTH sides of the walls and gates. Designed to prevent a seige in, or out, it would seem.
Depending on the entrance taken (Bay being the Bay area (dur), Pointe being the cliff-y overlook the lighthouse is built on.) They'll notice the Bay-area seems to have less and less people* the further you get from the entrance. Like they all want to be close to a way out. (Not typical family placement for a peoples who have known war usually starts from the outside and comes in, and important things should be in center as the last to get hit.)
Where the center is sits a beautiful cathedral. It houses several hobgoblin families that are sickly and dying now instead of serving as an actual sermon-house. These hobgoblins are anywhere from simply rashed to almost completely deformed, and any kind of caretaker seems to try and avoid using his whole hand to touch anything on their bodies giving the impression of a horrible contagion.
Other investigators are present and staying in the inn. They will provide mildly useful rumors+.
The Pointe natives do not agree with outside interference and also don't seem to be suffering as badly if at all from the plague.
*People meaning hobgoblins.
+Rumors covered in the next section although completely alterable by you, the DM.

Have these investigators relay that...

The disease will either A) Kill in 10 or so hours. Or B) Deform an infected person beyond facial recognition, but also numb any sense of pain or self-identification. Turning the infected into a big empty husk.

The disease is apparently recent and might be the cause of the fear in the community. They do not belive it an act of a diety (as religion is gone from their culture), and the relation to the strange lighthouse light is unknown, if any.

The light does have a pattern, although in his 8th day of being here the investigator hasn't quite figured it out yet. The Pointe natives are not friendly to outsiders and do not believe their intrusion will help the community at all, however he is yet to be attacked.

Now for DM revelations. (Serious spoiler, look away if you want to play.)

The light can be whatever you want. It's main purpose? Distraction. The cathedral has an underground tunnel which is being used by a different kingdom to sneak in necromancers and other mages to inflict disease on this hobgoblin community. The tunnel leads right under the lighthouse and into the cathedral. Pointe natives have been aware and are allowing this to happen as an elegant way of eliminating their opposition in an alternate to war (which could obliterate the pointe tribe entirely.) The other kingdom agrees hoping the disease will eventually genocidally kill off all the hobgoblins together, but for now half of them is as good. The light just signals to the pointe that it's happening, and throws any investigators off guard.

As for the disease what breaks the hobgoblins will. It's not really ruining them that bad. The deformity is a result, but the loss of self identification is due to mind-control. The infected will become the mages main meat-shields and the players 2nd biggest threat.

About day-1 have the players attacked by mildly deformed infected. Standard hobgoblins really.

Day-2 they're being hit by just about every infected and even the normal hobgoblins who blame this recent violence on them being there in the first place.

Night-2 the previous investigator sets up a meeting on a coach headed back to whoever hired the PCs. He's got information he does not want to share in fear of eavesdroppers and prying eyes.

Day-3 (If you didn't see this coming go spend some time on TV-Tropes.) The investigator is dead. Assassinated. All evidence destroyed or gone. Save maybe a hint at the underground tunnels.

From here you can have your way. Enjoy, and tell me what you think.

And by tell me what you think I don't mean say "This belongs in horror".