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10-12-2010, 05:03 PM
Pre-existing Star Wars game looking to add one more player.

The game is set after the Vong War as the Jedi are coming to grips with new styles of tapping the Force and a new foe is emerging on the horizon. The core of the game deals with threats from the ancient past whose conflicts gave rise to the Force -- light and dark -- in the first place. As a result in theme its part Star Wars, part Stargate with a bit of the run-for-your-lives of Battlestar Galactica.

We use the d20 system of the previous StW edition (not Saga) with some upgrades to make the characters much more like the Jedi in the movies who can use their abilities over and over without tiring. Put simply, these Jedi kick ass. If you've watched any of the movies you know what I mean. =]

No previous experience necessary -- just be creative.

We'd like to have 1-2 more players to round out the group. We meet in west Austin (Oak Hill area) on Saturdays and normally potluck for food. The game is ongoing and we've an excellent break in the story line that allows us to bring in new players easily.

Send inquiries to: doomuponyou@yahoo.com

Apologies if I've emailed you on this earlier - not all that familiar with the PaP site.