View Full Version : OWoD Online RPG looking for players

10-12-2010, 10:11 AM
Burning Bridge is a dice/sheeted moderated game played on IRC. We have bots to make like easy and and extensive forum to add to your gaming experience. The game is set in modern day England in a little town called Guildford. It is about the young struggling to gain a foot hold in the shadows of the Elders of London. Politics, intrigue social standing or raw power the game caters for all.

Time zones are not a issue, we have players form all over the world. I am In Australia so the game tends to run day and night as there is always someone on. If you are looking for a relaxed game where social and story's mix come check us out. In this game you are able to build your characters on multiple levels, its not just about who hits the hardest. Social, mental and physical characters all have their place. Play a mortal and see where they end up or a dominated ghoul, we can work with almost everything.

Check us out and follow the links