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10-10-2010, 01:52 PM
come check out the new game that is about to release it's called A'Kyria. it's a new complete d100 system integrated into a fantasy setting.

Just a few points to get you interested.
* d100 system that is completely balanced and tested.
* 12 player races only 4 standards human, gnome, elf, and dwarf the rest came from the wonderful minds of the creators.
* 3 playable classes Warrior, Wizard, and Rogue. (can still get skills and spells to create a paladin type warrrior or a healing wizard)
* an active improvement system ie. improving skills through training points received through practice or combat.
* limitless possibilities because it's not bound to an earth like setting can have two suns and 50 moons your mind is the only limit in this game
* we have a new and exciting way of presenting our modules completely different from any other module system for a table top game.(more info to come)
* an amazing spell system not limited to wizards but every character can learn spells.(yet still balanced)
* endless fun with family and friends

come ask questions in our forums the URL is http://a-kyria.com/phpbb/index.php
or ask here

i created a quick start guide so you can read about the mechanics and the game please comment on what you think

10-11-2010, 10:26 AM
Zephyn, are you one of the creators of this RPG? If so, you may want to contact Farcaster about getting listed in the Indie games section.

10-12-2010, 12:56 AM
yes i am a creator i was waiting to get listed till the game is published before i get it listed we are getting close or do you suggest i do it now by the way I added a wall of info about the game on the forums if you would like to read it

10-21-2010, 11:47 AM
* d100 system that is completely balanced and tested.

Yep, that's a fantasy all right. Not to knock your game dude, but I stopped believing in Santa Claus about 1072 and the completely balanced system shortly thereafter. Tested I'll give you.

A few more details would be nice. (without having to join another forum to get them.)

d100 -- are you working off Basic Role Playing?

Why a class system and not a skill based architecture? No that is not a troll; I'm looking for the reason to did it the way you did.

Why is a completely different module system better? Different is not better automatically. The methodology of scenario building has evolved the way it has because that works. How does yours work better?

Your other points are not limited to your game alone. My imagination came with me. I can create any world I want to, race likewise. A few more teasers or deitals would be nice. Some place to get said game as well if you wish people to get it.

10-21-2010, 08:22 PM
Those are good solid questions, but you presented your game solidly, so I'd say it's a fair and solid meeting. From your forum:

The first thing you must do is create your character this consists of:
• rolling your seven primary attributes
• Select your character’s race
• Roll for your special ability
• Select your character’s occupation
• Roll starting age
• Roll for your background / starting money
• Roll your starting skills
• Get equipment and spells

You've upped your "common standard fantasy races" to 5 from 4 that you list above. Why? Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Elf, Orc and possibly your versions of the Thr-Kreen-like insectoids and Kobold-like canid race.

The "Classes" seem pretty vanilla, even with extensive extendibility and modification (Fighter into Archer) and there's nothing wrong with that but why use classes at all if you allow such customization with various skills, and apparently along a percentile system, as asked above?

The randomly determined attributes and money and special ability are debatable - I'd probably expect an option for point-buy to be included, as that is pretty much a contemporary co-standard, but I can see the oldschool vibe angle.

I get the feeling this is meant to emulate something in particular, a certain style or genre or even style of play in specific?

10-21-2010, 09:23 PM
Hmm, I'm seeing a lot of rolling for things I believe should be chosen, like background, skills, even the special ability (no clue as to what that is.) Random si fine for some things, but very un-fine for others.

10-25-2010, 12:28 AM
edited my op to give you guys the quick start to test it out

10-25-2010, 01:22 AM
Well I took a quick look at it. Based on the old Linux principle "never go root after 10:00PM" and it is 2:20 AM; I am not going to form any opinions to quickly.

It looks to require more than a couple of charts, and some definite math. Right now I'm not seeing any reason to rush to the system, but again, no firm opinions at oh dark thirty. I tend to be a bit rough on things when tired.

10-25-2010, 04:34 AM
Well I took a quick look at it. Based on the old Linux principle "never go root after 10:00PM" and it is 2:20 AM; I am not going to form any opinions to quickly.

It looks to require more than a couple of charts, and some definite math. Right now I'm not seeing any reason to rush to the system, but again, no firm opinions at oh dark thirty. I tend to be a bit rough on things when tired.

yeah there is a lot a tables and at first glance it may seem over whelming but we have done everything we can to simplify this we have all the stuff you may need to use for daily use in the far back of the book as well as in the body. any math you may need to do can be done by a 9 year old with a calculator (tested) the rest is adding and subtracting also when it comes to the character creation it is tedious but we made a program that you type in the 7 stats you rolled and it pumps out the math for you and we will continue to make easy access items that help simplify the game.

10-25-2010, 09:38 AM
The hard question, the vital question remains. What can this system do that no other system does not already do? Creativity and imagination are not the answers. I have those sitting around the house in buckets. why do I need this system compared to say, any one of dozens of others that already exist and are on my shelves?

10-25-2010, 11:54 PM
I have obviously not played every game out there but the thing i like about it is there is no artificial barriers that prevent you from doing something you want. such as a warrior is not limited to plain fighting he could learn learn to cast spells and if he spent enough time improving his spell than he could cast it as good as a wizard. this is accomplished by a thing we call a "focus" this is a "magical enhancement" that is built into or on an item that when used gives a 45% bonus to that one spell but by no means is it easy to make. for an example you can make a necklace into a focus and when it is equipped you will gain the bonus. so basically I'm saying there is no hard classes and lots of flexibility

10-26-2010, 12:45 AM
As noted in chat, but I'll try to refine my thoughts a bit, and this is for the QuickStart rules, so I realize it doesn't apply necessarily to the full game.

The intro text is a bit too jokey for my tastes - feels like it tries a bit too hard.

The How To Play/Running An Adventure/Campaigns/Creating an Adventure blocks are confusing, as one is talking to the players, another to the GM, but there is no obvious switch between them.

I still feel the quick overview of the races, while good, really founders with the Elf, who has like three or four game mechanics terms introduced and partially explained, with no previous game mechanics talk at all. It is a huge speedbump to someone reading the document with a "slowly ease into the mechanics" purpose - very jarring.

Races seem fine mostly otherwise. I think the age ranges need to reflect what is "active" and possible typical adventuring age, or even relative age brackets of life, for the races, like we know for us humans what childhood and adult and such are, but what about elves? If you're going to devote a line to age, make it useful - we all know age starts at 1 - that isn't really helpful.

The tone of the rules are a strange mix of oldschool and cutting edge pop culture gamer in-jokes, having cliched Warrior, Rogue and Wizard, but the phrase "meatshield" and other such aphorisms, may alienate some old-school gamers, which I gather are partially the target demographic, who are not into these things. It just seems too many liberties are taken with mutual assumptions, too many "nudge, nudge, wink, wink, knowuddImean?" quips, especially for quickstart rules.

Attributes seem adequate. You have names for them but then in parenthesis you give much better, explanatory and easier to understand names, like Ego (Mental Strength) or Wit (Mental Speed and Adaptability) - seems... I don't know, I guess you couldn't really just say "Mental Strength" (though I've seen some games do that) but seems like this could have been simpler. "Wit" seems redundant, it appears to function more as deception, though I can see the broader argument of it being creativity and such - still...

Are you aware that, as far as I can tell, there is no explanation as to how to actually GET your basic Attribute scores? You explain them pretty well, and cover the professions and their modifications, but there is no indication as to what numbers these modifiers are affecting.

I understand the idea of "Situational Salvage" and it isn't, on the face of it, any worse than "Saving Throw", but is a really, really cumbersome term, and it seems like anything, from "Desperation Attempt" to "Stunt", to "Swashbuckling" to "Last Ditch" to "Go For the Gusto" or anything, would have been better than that for the term.

Skills -again, seem unnecessarily complicated, with individual percentage charts for each one instead of a unified, consistent range or formula. Just doesn't seem to be any good reason for that. This includes the "if you have this many points/percenage now, it costs this much to increase it" - that could still be done with a formula or at least a simpler chart.

Regarding the magic spells - not sure about your country of origin or primary country demographic, but I'd switch your spell format columns to where the spells' main vital and identifying info, like the actual spell name, are on the left side of the page, because I'm in the US, and we read from left to right, so I look at the magic page and see text and tables for spells about stone spray and have no idea what's going on or how I got there. Baffling.

Combat - that strange recycle symbol intended to show the flowchat of combat... doesn't. At least not to people trying to get a grasp by looking at it, if they're not already familiar. It shows that you start with an armor or weapon, somehow get Stun, that then is applied to Life, and then... gives you Power, which... goes back to Stun. Your Wit score as a part of your combat is interesting - not really very elegant and kind of sticks out like a sore thumb, but it is kind of novel, so - interesting.

I have to say probably my least favorite part of your system is the item proficiency, which is your understanding and just general familiarity of a "thing", whatever it is, differentiated from your actual skill with it. So you could have a skill with a weapon, but would also need a proficiency with it. But past that, you would need it with non-weapons, in order to use them properly. I'll bluntly say that this rule would remain firmly on the printed page and if I had a black permanent marker, it wouldn't even be there - from my own personal view, this is a horrible, horrible, overcomplicated, redundant and tedious idea, from concept to implementation. Just personal opinion, but that's what you're looking for here, so there it is.

Overall, game mechanics-wise, my most severe criticism is actually what you likely feel is the main feature of your game, so I guess will just depend on each person's individual taste. It does appear to be a new, modern release of an old-school style game. Which is, I understand, what you were going for to some extent. But your posts here and in chat went along the lines of "no artificial restrictions on learning spells" and such. If you've been on any other gaming sites, larger gaming sites like RPG.NET or the Forge, you'll be aware of the term "Fantasy Heartbreaker" and though I hate to use such a hackneyed trope... I'm afraid in this case, it applies all too well. It IS different enough it isn't "only* "trying to fix D&D", it is being presented partly that way, albeit mostly casually and subtly, but maybe worse, or just bafflingly, I don't think it is trying to fix a NEW version of D&D but an old version. But it is an improvement over a lot of old-school games and rules and ideas - but not enough; there is still too much old-style (note I didn't say old school) 80s RPG baggage.

But on the upside, I've found, years back, any D&D since AD&D2 (and not a huge fan of it), not to agree with me in any fashion, and won't play them, so maybe my criticisms are based on personal biases.

Lastly, not listed on the site or in the pdf but if the info given was correct, the exe package with the pdf adventure is going to meet with limited and reluctant acceptance at best, and suspicious eye-rolling at worst and the game being written off - nobody wants game pdfs that require an exe install unless you're marketing it up-front and clearly stating the game is geared primarily to concurrent computer use (ie laptop at the table for calculation).

Still, it is free, and I thank you for producing and sharing a free product, even just quickstart rules, and adding to the options for gamers, and to give other gamers and would-be GMs and game-designers something to look at, and I wish you the best with the game!

10-26-2010, 01:42 AM
The exe will certainly keep me from buying it. I don't run windows computers. As of right now, it could be the world's greatest game and you have lost me by requiring I have Windows to run a tabletop game.

10-26-2010, 03:15 AM
It isn't required, from my understanding. It is still a normal pdf and tabletop RPG. But it is "enhanced" greatly by the use of computers to do the calculation and tracking various things. But you don't HAVE to use that. But again, this is exactly what I had thought would happen, people will get a whiff of "an exe? for a tabletop rpg? wtf? why?!" and it's going to be a hard sell if you don't base your entire approach on this, or make it a simple option downloadable from your site for free or something or you come up with some top notch marketing strategy.

10-26-2010, 08:11 PM
If I could jump on the bandwagon here...

I am underwhelmed.

The website has a dark gray background - with the font colored a light gray - a crappy contrast which makes it very hard to read. Take a hint from this website...

A "desert lizard" based race that has a SWIM rate? Then it isn't much of a "desert" lizard then, is it?

The Arphils is unlike humans, in that they have ears on the sides of their heads... damn, that means that mine are misplaced.

Scepurian's are specifically noted as having opposable thumbs. Nobody else is - which would lead me to believe that the Arphils don't have them.

The Laquarans have lighter bones and are stronger - which means their muscles are stronger - which means that their bones have to be stronger to support the musculature.


If this is a d100 game, why do I need a selection of dice of various styles and types?? Make up my mind!! But, of course you use a D20, and (I am guessing) 3d6 to roll stats (3-18 range?). Then why call it a d100 system. That's an outright lie. You might as well also advertise as only allowing Elves as characters (oh yeah - we also have lots of others).

You really have a system in which your hit points (life points) don't change unless you change your stats? Granted, it's different, but is that a good thing??

I see a problem to start with in the stats - Strength: Lift. Lift is the weight, over and above their body weight, that the character can carry around with them for extended periods of time without any harmful side effects? With even an average strength score (in reality), humans have problems carrying their OWN body weight - without anything extra. Are you working in negatives to this number? SIGNIFICANT negatives?

Your concept for making reaction dependent upon speed has little basis in reality - just because I can sprint 40mph doesn't mean that I can react to an attack any faster than anyone else. Also, movement is measured ONLY in how fast a person can SPRINT? What happens if I want to stroll through the meadows on my way to the dungeon? This is as bad as first-person-shooter video games that have mandatory auto-run engaged at all times. Good luck sneaking!!

Also, you've made this into nothing but a stat-dump game, where PC's will do nothing but attempt to gain every stat boost that they can acquire - purely to boost speed - which boosts reaction.

On your Familiarity Chart (pdf, page 2), the scale between 01% and 100% for the Fumble Range is only a difference of 20%. A person that has JUST picked up a tool for the first time, has only a FOUR PERCENT greater chance of fumbling than the guy that's been doing it for decades... and the Crit Range is also only FOUR PERCENT greater.

Your idea for using Stun Points to power spells after they run out of Power Points is the simplest method I've seen in... ever... and usable... I like it (see, I'm not TOTALLY a dick!!).

"Spell Occupational Skill Bonus (OSB)"... excuse me - that should be SOSB... your acronyms have to match the words you are using - you have to change one or the other. It also doesn't match the OSB format. Again - make up my mind as to which I am trying to learn!

"f the casters speed is slower than that of the character they are casting the spell upon, the effect will go active after the target has already had their turn."
Ignoring the obvious misspellings and passive voice, this makes magic ridiculously foolish to use - especially for short-duration spells. This makes it sound like if I hurl a fireball at you, and you have a higher speed than I do, (D&D style - think: hand grenade), since the fireball is "instantaneous", then it doesn't actually go off. I really LIKE mages, and you've made it nigh unto impossible to play one!

Then, on top of all of this is your modification list - which doesn't say if it stacks or not. If I get struck while casting a spell, I am at -10 to cast THIS spell - but it didn't say if I was struck casting THIS spell... so does my being hit by an arrow last week while I cast a spell effect my casting now? And does this -10 stack with the -20 for being in combat and being struck... and does it consider it being struck on this spell or previous ones? You may be clear in your own mind, but it certainly isn't clear to the outsider.

Your [I]Dust Spray spell is the equivalent of a first level spell... and there is no comment about how long it lasts... When I cast it, I automatically start out with a 50% chance of doing 1-8 damage to myself. However, I can alleviate that possible penalty if I concentrate on it for FIFTY TURNS prior to casting it... or pump 27 power points into it. Oh. My. God....... And the damage it does makes it just about useless - if the gods smile upon me and I get a natural 100%, I still end up with a whopping 100% - and can do 1d4 damage on ONE target within FIFTEEN FEET of me. That would be fifteen feet that can be crossed the next round, since everyone sprints everywhere. If I roll a 100% spend 50 turns concentrating AND spend 27 power points, I can affect up to a whopping FOUR targets within THIRTY feet, and reduce their movement by 5. I would certainly hope that it lasts for hours..........

Your Heal, Simple spell takes three power points to cast - and there is a 50% chance that I will HINDER the target's ability to heal.

My god man, if you want to Nerf magic this badly, why allow mages at all??

When I look at the two sample characters - the speed is WAAAAYYY off. If a turn is 15 seconds, then an elf that runs at 110 feet per 15 seconds is slower than I ever was - and I was FAR from being a fast runner. When I was 16 years old, I was able to run at 17 mph for about 100 yards - and could run those 300 feet in 16-17 seconds... and I was one of the slowest guys on my track team (and it was a sucky track team!). That makes about 280 feet in 15 seconds. Heck, when I was in the Army, wearing full gear of upwards of 80 pounds, I was still able to do it in just less than 30 seconds. So about 150 feet in 15 seconds... and, again, I was nowhere near the fastest guy we had. Your concept of movement and speed is broken to the point of uselessness.

Then, on top of it all, there is a computer file that is needed to get the full experience? Hey, I play PEN AND PAPER GAMES - stuff I can play out on a ship at sea - out camping, or in the bathtub with REALLY close friends. There's not going to be any computer with my gaming experience. Poor marketing move.

I'm sorry for being a grammar Nazi, but, dude... if this is supposed to be professional, the least you could do is have it professionally checked - or turn on your Word grammar and style checker. You have mixed tenses, confusing grammar and dangling participles than you can shake a stick at (yes, I know that is a dangling participle). I'm no English professor, but even my limited experience made reading the .pdf a pain in my bottom parts.

And an “Ah Ha!”, “Eureka!” or “By Jove, I think I’ve got it!” moment is called an "epiphany." Rather than repeatedly being repetitively redundant and saying things over and over and over, why not use one word and get to the darned point??

I'm sorry, but the huge number of small errors makes me think that the only person that actually play tested this is you... all by yourself.

Am I being a dick here? Yes, because I have seen MUCH better stuff produced before that couldn't hold a candle to even the crap system of D&D 2.0 (AD&D). I'm sorry if I speak strongly, but this needs to be sent back to the drawing board and reworked from the ground up.

10-26-2010, 09:52 PM
Calling him dishonest for saying it's a d100 system is uncalled for. It's far from the only system to use primarily one die type, but use certain other dice in limited situations like chargen or damage rolls. You might have heard of this little thing called the d20 system.

That magic begins using up one's own energy(in this case Stun Points) is actually incredibly common. A number of systems allow you to fatigue yourself in order to fuel abilities when you don't have the normal juice for them, or to achieve a greater-than-normal effect, etc.

Other than that, you're pretty much spot on.

10-26-2010, 10:05 PM
Your concept for making reaction dependent upon speed has little basis in reality - just because I can sprint 40mph doesn't mean that I can react to an attack any faster than anyone else. Also, movement is measured ONLY in how fast a person can SPRINT? What happens if I want to stroll through the meadows on my way to the dungeon? This is as bad as first-person-shooter video games that have mandatory auto-run engaged at all times. Good luck sneaking!!

I'm a living example of that. I cannot run to save my life. However do not bet me in the old you can't catch the dollar trick. I'll insist on a twenty, and you will loose your money. I am very quick. The two are not the same.