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10-08-2010, 11:24 PM
I enjoy being a player almost as much ias I enjoy being the GM. Recently, I had an idea for my campain: The players discover from a very early stage in the game that they are destined for greatness when a dream god tells them. They dont believe it, until the signs he fortold in there dreams come true. So from that moment on, they're faced with various challenges; nothing planned out, that way the players have the most influence over the game. I got countless possibilities in case they wanna do something dumb.

But, I wanted to know if I should do a regular game, or a game that could last forever. I read in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook that the best way to keep going past 20th level is multiclassing so i figured, why not. So I figurd i get advice from you guys, listing the pros and cons to short and long games.

Average Game (level 1-20)

-Easy, fast paced interest in game
-Less work for me, the GM

-Regular; Unoriginal (Game-Legnth wise)

Extended Game (level 1-unknown high level)

-Players could get emotionally attached to characters
-Very in-depth, realistic character growth and development
-It would be a story to remember
-Could inspire post-game ideas (Fan-stories, etc.)

-Too long, and could lose character interest
-A lot of work for the GM

So before I go with my idea of an epic, long campain, I wanted your opinions.

10-09-2010, 12:48 AM
I have played with several DM's who had a finite plan. I.E. Get the characters to level 10 -15 then kill them off... Really! In fact one even told me of said idea that the game was only fun between levels 7-12. Dying just so the DM can start his newest hair brained dungeon is no fun.

I always plan an unending type of game. Go where ever - do whatever, I will fill in the details even if they intentionally ignore my hooks and hints. I can come up with over arching story lines to fit with whatever stupidity the players come up with despite my plans. I have house rules which favor multi-classing, monstrous characters, and everlasting characters ( even if they are reincarnated bizarre versions of the original concept).

I generally know what my players want, I hope you know what yours really want. Mine, possible imortality and epic greatness in a no holds barred world. :grouphug:

10-11-2010, 06:22 AM
The length of your game is basically determined on how far can you take the story(ies) of the characters.

In my case, the setting will always outlast the characters but the story may need to end if no good narratives can be found to continue. Consequently, the players may start new characters when all that has been told has been told.

With stories that take you beyond 20th level, you really have to think outside of the confines of the Epic level as presented in the book. The needs and the challenges of the player characters alter drastically and their stories and adventures have to reflect that.