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10-08-2010, 08:39 PM
Please read the entire post before responding.

To say that Dungeons & Dragons 4E was not everything we hoped it could be, and what it could have been it still gets some things right. Yes at times it plays like a video game, yes the system does not lend itself very well to more role-playing orientated people than it does the dungeon crawl fanatics. However I believe that we are only limited by our imagination, after all isn't that what role-playing is all about? I believe that with the right group of players we can transcend the trappings of the system and make it work.

I am a role-player, I have been one since D&D rule books were contained in binders. There is something very special about it, unique even though it is merely a byproduct of Tolkien's great works. It has come a long way, and we too as the individuals that have supported it whether it was from the original red box or people new to the idea with this current edition.

Role-playing is my greatest passion in life second only to my wonderful betrothed, and I want to share that passion with you (the D&D part not my girlfriend you sicko). Some come with me into this realm I have created. Below you will find details about my campaign, what I am looking for in my players, what I will be offering you as a DM, and how we can begin this story.

The game will be taking place in the world of Alanor, a place where elves are still mystical, dwarves dwell under the mountain, and humans are a young race. The pantheon of gods is drawn directly from 4E books for sake of ease, but everything else about the world is homebrew. The party will start as most do, a young band of adventurers with dreams of glory who quickly become swept up in the currents of fate and destiny.

In this world a mysterious group of beings known only as the Shepherds guide mortals gently without directly interfering. While very human looking in their appearance, they are obviously much more, and their power is unquestionable. Their goals and motivations are known only to them. Some say they are servants of old gods long dead and forgotten, while others think them to be remnants of an ancient race that ruled the world before all others came. This, and many more questions will be answered during the course of the campaign, but it is not the focus.

In the South of Alanor is a harsh land where a dark power has begun to rise. The peace of the world is threatened, and while most are blind to this fact, the heroes of our story will come to face this power, and ultimately decide the fate of Alanor.

What makes a good D&D group? A good question with many answers, but I believe the best answer is; a group that has fun. It is the job of the DM to provide an entertaining experience for the PCs, not murder them. However in many ways a DM is just another player in the group, and as such his (in this case my) fun is important as well. I do not find joy in endless dungeon crawls where the only reward is more experience and treasure. To that end I run games that weave intricate stories and epic plots, where players can affect the outcome of the game, but must also deal with the consequences of their actions be they good or bad.

To put it quite simply I am seeking role-players. I need people who enjoy both the game, and theater aspects of playing D&D. If you choose your race and class based on what is fun for you, not what gives you the best stats, then you might be the kind of person I am looking for. I will never punish a player for creativity, as long as it is creativity that makes sense for the game. While yes I'm sure we'd all find a kobold paladin funny and entertaining, it wouldn't make sense for the story. To that end I have specific restrictions on classes and races based on the world in which the campaign will take place.

Below is a list of the races allowed in the campaign, followed by what classes are available to them. None of this is up for discussion, as I will not violate the lore I have created for my world. Crazy, off the wall characters do not impress me, what impresses me is people taking traditional archtypes and making them fun and interesting to play with, and in my opinion takes true skill as a role-player.

Human: Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Invoker, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Warlock (No Fey Pact), Warlord, Wizard.
Elf: Bard, Druid, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Shaman, Sorcerer, Warden.
Dwarf: Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, Warlord, Wizard.
Halfling: Bard, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Warlock (No Fey Pact), Wizard.
Goliath: Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, Shaman, Warden, Warlord.
Shifter: Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Shaman, Warden.
Revenant: Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, Warlock (No Fey Pact), Warlord, Wizard.

I will take a moment here to talk about other races and why they aren't available. Some races I just don't like and think they are a poor addition to the game. Some races just don't fit the lore of the campaign at all, dragonborn or neat but don't make sense in the context of my world. Some of you may be wondering why there are no half-elves, such a staple of D&D! The reason for that is in the lore my world, no human and elven coupling has ever been able to produce a child.

In my Alanor, humans are humans, nothing all that special about their lore that you need to know. Elves live in a land simply called "The Wild", and to the best of everyone's knowledge they are immortal in terms of aging. Dwarves are a long lived race, rumored to be descendants of a coupling between Moradin and an Earth Spirit, but this could just be myth. Halflings are a nomadic, gypsy like race. They travel from place to place in large caravans and are divided into clans. Goliath are a tribal race that live far removed from civilization but occasionally a singular one will venture out and some are exiles, they are rumored to be descended from giants. Shifters are exceedingly rare and the product of coupling between a lycanthrope (or other curse shapeshifter) and a human, usually they are very solitary. Revenants are spirits of the dead returned to their mortal bodies, how and why this happens no one knows, but they are trapped between life and death.

Besides the usual character creation stuff that you will have to follow, players accepted into the campaign will also have to answer a series of questions about their characters in order to flesh out their back story and personality. This is a requirement, but if you are a player in this game you shouldn't feel like you HAVE to do it, you should WANT to do it.

Aside from the obvious of needing to know how to play D&D you will also need to learn how to use maptools, have ventrilo, a working mic, and a decent internet connection. On top of that you will also need to be reliable. This is a character driven game, not a series of random disconnected dungeon crawls. If you miss a week, that is a session where you will be leaving the other players, myself, and the story in a lurch. I understand everyone has real lives, but if you want to play in this game you need to be able to dedicate yourself to it one night a week.

The day and time will be decided after I have talked to potential players, but ideally I want to be able to play for about 6-7 hours once a week. I realize that is a long time to play, but I have a lot of story to cover! This is an epic game that will range from levels 1 to 30.

Other Notes
One thing I will mention is that I soundtrack my games using streaming audio. The soundtrack is planned for each scene to enhance the overall feel of the game. The music is drawn from various sources such as orchestral or "metal" versions of classic tunes from Final Fantasy and Castlevania, to movies like Lord of the Rings. If this idea bothers you then I am sorry but this game is not for you.

There is one special house rule that it is important to note. Due to the way I run my games "Daily" powers are no longer daily. They do not recover after an extended rest but recover between story arcs. I do this because I do not want players to be too powerful, because you usually will not be doing 8 encounters in a single session. I try to split the time evenly between role-playing, exploration, and cinematic combat. Sometimes things will lean one way or another depending on where you are in the story. I may add other house rules as the game progresses.

Since this seems to come up a lot I will say here that all role-playing will take place in text for a few reasons, vent will be used for out of character talk.

Final Thoughts
Themes in my game will include things such as mystery, intrigue, war, romance, the aforementioned cinematic combat, exploration, and morality. Also once again I cannot stress enough how important consistency is in this campaign. That means showing up every week, on time, and staying for the entire session. On top of that I cannot stress enough how important a passion for role-playing is, do not be afraid to get into your character.

I thank all of you who waded through this long post, and I hope that we can put together a solid group that will last a long time (because it will take a long time to get through this entire campaign). I do realize what a huge commitment I am asking for, but I have faith that there are a few like-minded individuals out there that can make this happen. As it stands I have myself and one player. Ideally I would like to have a group of five, but I will settle for four.

If you are interested in playing please reply to this thread, or send me a PM telling me when we can meet to discuss you joining the group. You can also reach me on AIM, send me a PM and I will give it to you. I do not use skype or MSN, but I do have Yahoo if that is what you prefer. We can also schedule a time to meet on my ventrilo server if you would prefer to do it that way.

PS: For those of you who saw the post for my Pathfinder game, I apologize but that campaign just can't happen due to reasons outside the realm of my control.

10-09-2010, 05:42 PM

We are now at 3 out of 5 spots filled, and leaning towards playing on Sunday, possibly Tuesday.

10-10-2010, 02:25 AM
Color me interested.
I'd especially like to see that list of questions, more out of brute curiosity than anything specific.

10-10-2010, 08:38 PM

We are now at 4 out of 5 spots filled, definitely playing on Sundays. If you're interested you had best contact me via private message, some intense competition going on for the last spot.

10-11-2010, 06:51 PM
Okay the game is officially full. I will be putting up a website address eventually for those that want to follow the game's story.