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10-01-2010, 06:50 AM

Kaidan: A Japanese Ghost-Story Setting

Patronage Project

“Far to the east, away from the lands you know, there lies an island called Kaidan. Shrouded in dark mystery for centuries, its ports are at last being opened to foreign merchants and opportunity awaits the bold. Yes, I have heard the stories you have heard. That it is a land where the dead rule the living. That in Kaidan no man ever truly dies. Who can believe such tales? We shall discount the rumors, you and I, knowing how it is sailors talk. I have a gift to carry to one of the Lord's of that land and I need stout souls to protect it on its journey there. Will you not make this journey with me and see the wonders of the far east for yourself?”

Welcome to Kaidan!

Kaidan is a “Japanese ghost-story setting.” In Kaidan, the land is filled with malevolent spirits, the dead do not rest easy and the living are trapped in an endless cycle of life from which they can scarcely hope to escape. Drawing inspiration from Japanese history and mythology, Kaidan offers a setting that is at once new and yet quite ancient.

The Kaidan patronage project (http://ritepublishing.com/kaidan.html) offers you a chance to help design both Kaidan and the three part adventure which will introduce the west to the east, using Michael K. Turney's original Kaidan concepts and his adventure, “The Gift” as a starting point.

The project's guidelines are as follows:
- compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
- Approximately 100 pages (75,000 words)
- Japanese based horror setting
- Three part adventure arc in which traditional PCs travel to the land of Kaidan, escorting a gift, only to find themselves trapped on the island, fleeing from the powers that be.
- In Kaidan the lords of the land are undead, and those who die on the island are quickly reincarnated in an endless cycle from which there is no easy escape
- Kaidan is an isolated and xenophobic land, not used to outsiders
- Kaidan will be designed as an isolated island kingdom, easily dropped into any campaign setting.

Original Concept: Michael K. Turney
Lead Designer and Project Manager: Jonathan McAnulty (Kobold Quarterly, Coliseum Morpheuon, The Secrets of Divine Channeling)
Artwork: Mark Hyzer
Cartography: Michael K. Turney