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09-26-2010, 12:10 PM
Hi Guys,

I thinking about making a Ranger, that's good at making all kind of gadgets and weapons to help him catch his targets. That'll be 'Craft weapon', 'Craft alchemy' and 'Craft Traps'. I'm also thinking about taking the 'Master Craftman-feat'.

My quetion is about useing the skill 'Craft Traps.'

Looking at the Craft-skills rules, I get the feeling that making traps isn't all that practical....since making them can take weeks. Since I think that many traps can't be made in a lab beforehand, but must be done on the spot..... improvising with the environment.... I get the feeling that 'Craft Traps' is almost useless.

Do you agree? Or do I miss some really practical ideas?

09-28-2010, 03:29 AM
35 views and no comments .... I guess everybody agrees with this 'problem'?

houseruling seems in order, but to bring it from 'weeks' to 'hours' and possibly ....minutes seems a long shot.

10-04-2010, 06:01 PM
The costs are expensive to the point of impracticality, but the reasoning is that traps involve a lot of small moving parts that take time and skill to assemble correctly, and install in the site they are meant for protecting.

This is no biggie if your character is looking to guard their belongings or abode, but I get the feeling you want to make traps in the sense that Hunters in WoW or Assassin's in Diablo II made traps. Basically you want improvised field traps, or at the very least something you can throw down to drag enemies through. The only thing I could see being simple enough a device to do this with is a surface explosive; a landmine. It could be incendiary with alchemist's fire, or just fling shrapnel everywhere, but all that really needs be done with a landmine is build the casing and ignition apparatus, add the fuel and/or projectiles, and then bury it in a shallow hole. For mines you could do a cost of CRx50gp instead of the standard 1,000gp, but even so thats something your character has to work on ahead of time.

Still largely up to GM discretion, but the complex traps can't realistically be assembled on the run. That's what spells like Fabricate are for.

10-05-2010, 05:18 AM
thanks, that's a reply I can work with, ...although you confirm my suspicions about Craft Traps.

We already have a houserule, that allows us to make projectiles for Bows and Xbows using 'Craft Weapon' (for Xbows), 'Craft Bow' and 'Craft Alchemy'. I plan on taking the 'craft alchemy' and either 'craft Bow' of 'craft Weapons'.

maybe, that way i can also make 'mines', using 'Craft Alchemy' and 'Survival' (of maybe Disable Device) to set en beforehand prepared Mines: I can imagine, that it requires some skill and insight to know how to set a mine/trap, as to how it would 'fit' in the surroundings. I'm also planning to take the 'survival' skill (I'm a Ranger) and possibly 'disable device'

That way i don't need 'Craft Traps.'....sounds reasonable?

BTW, How did you come up with the CR*50gp rule?

10-06-2010, 11:20 PM
Sorta Ad-Hoc. I figured Alchemist's Fire costs 50gp, and a trap for 1d6 fire seems CR 1 range. I didn't spend the night theory-crafting or anything, in fact most of the time when I DM I just think shit up on the fly, and if it causes problems with consistency I fix it later.

DMing doesn't require you to be God. It just means you have to act like it.

10-08-2010, 03:54 AM
One way to handle this, is to divide the world-load, so to speak.

If you want a field-expedient trap, then logically, fortune favors the prepared. A good trap-maker, like Batman, would already have all the tools PRE-MADE, just not necessarily PRE-ASSEMBLED. So, you would have your cogs, your wheels, your string, your knots, and your arrows, and flasks of alchemists' fire (possibly requiring more than one crafting skill unless you want to pre-BUY your items), already built prior to going on the adventure. This takes care of the "weeks" aspect of your trap-making. (You would spend a week or two fashioning all the pre-requisite bits).

Then when you go on your adventure, let's say you need to trap a door. Well, you want to rig a trap that will shoot an arrow or crossbow bolt at your target coming through the door. You take your string, a crossbow with a bolt, and possibly any other "bits" that may help make this trap work. This is where the final skill check comes in, and the DM SHOULD (because there is ZERO gold cost associated with this action, as the price was paid early) make this check only require 1 round to 5 minutes (depending upon the complexity of the operation, and the deliberation with which the trap is set.) in order to achieve the desired result.

10-21-2010, 01:52 PM
I would advise to think more along the lines of Craft Snares. I say this because it sounds like you want to slow down, trip up, impede or otherwise interfere with a target attempting to leave the area. It may be splitting hairs but if you search the internet for types of snares then you should get some ideas to help you out. You will definitely need a magic component to your traps and snares to make them work the way they do in your mind.

Take, for instance, a hand crossbow with an 50gp anchor token attached to the quarrel. It would not be a stretch to rule that upon impact the anchor token manifests into a ships anchor affixed to the target. How about a web spell infused arrow? Grease is another good one. Sneezing dust or oil of impact? The possibilities are endless. Heck, how about a man catcher net laced with fish hooks? Good luck getting it back in the box, though. LOL!!