View Full Version : D&D Encounters Season 3 - Keep on the Borderlands

09-21-2010, 04:02 PM
Come play at Medieval Starship every Wednesday starting 9/29/10, between 5 and 9pm (the earlier start if we have multiple tables needed, later if we need to muster)

295 Old Oak St, Pembroke, MA, 02359 781-826-6554

Adventure waits as you journey to the Nentir Vale and face down savage beasts and lurking evils at the edge of civilization. Get into the action quickly by creating a classic 1st-level D&D character using the new D&D Essentials rules options, or grab a pre-generated one. Later in the season, be the first to try out Fortune cards to enhance your D&D play experience. Get ready to explore the dungeons and dangers at The Keep on the Borderlands!

• Try out the new D&D Essentials™ rules options, designed to make it easy to create your own character with a classic D&D® feel!

• D&D Essentials products will be available in-store by no later than September 21, meaning players are using the hottest new products

• Players use only D&D Essentials books, which means that lapsed players won’t need to worry about a huge range of rules options at the table

• One session equals one encounter each week – total play time of 1-2 hours, perfect to fit in after school or work

• Mini-campaign offers an ongoing, compelling narrative to keep players coming back each Wednesday

• Easy to play – just show up, create your own 1st-level character using the D&D Essentials rules or use a pre-generated character provided in the kit.

• Designed for players of all levels.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. I'll be running the game(s)