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09-20-2010, 09:48 AM
This will be a forum topic to keep track of things like powers spent, HS, etc... while we game. This is nice considering the long-scope of a pbp game.

Krys (warforged Battlemind)
Conditions: none
Temp hp: 0
current/max hp:57/67
Init: 2
action pts: 1
HS current/max: 4/13
PP current/max: 2/4
Daily powers expended: Living fortress
Daily powers available: aspect of unspeakable horror
Encounter powers expended warforged resolve, battlemind's resilience
Encounter powers remaining none

Contingency list (auto stuff and triggers and such for DM reference):
Warforged - +2 vs. ongoing dam ST, and can never DIE from a bad death ST.

Battle Resilience - when attacked for the 1st in an encounter, gain resis 6 untl ENT

Blurred step - if an adj marked enemy shifts, I shift 1 sqr

Mind Spike - if an adj marked enemy deals dam to an ally with an attack that doesn't include me, the enemy takes force and psychic dam equal to the dam dealt to the ally

Augmented Battlemind's demand (1 pp) - Mark one or 2 creatures in close burst 3 and gain +2 to all def until ENT

Stag's leap - +5 to Athletics checks to jump

09-20-2010, 08:12 PM
Gideon the Psionic Shardmind
Current Condition: Normal
Temporary Hit Points: N/A
Current/Max HP: 45/45
Surges: 5/7
Power Points: 4/4
Daily Powers Used: N/A
Encounter Power Used: N/A