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The Following is the necessary "need to know" information for the campaign.

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Pathfinder Player's Handbook

The following are available player races
HOWEVER -- race will be decided based upon how you answer the character creation questions.

Drakes (all elements)
Gnomes (favored class is rogue)
Goblins (use MM1 from 3.5)
Krysi-mi (medium-sized tribe only)
Elves (Shadewillow, Brightleaf, and Wood)

There are no half-breeds at all.

available player classes =

Battle Dancer
Canonical Knight
Feral Druid
Honor Blade
Inkyo Monk
Primordial Cenobite

Deities -- until we get the updated deities posted -- use the generic DnD deities or make up your own.

Alignments cannot be CN/CE/LG (unless you are a LG canonical knight.)

Gear = use basic starting gold. Then provide "rough idea of wants list" to me.

Have character background in mind -- use the map to determine your empire/city of origin. (on the bottom of the forum.)
If you want to be from a small village -- make it up.
Any Krysi-Mi -- will be from the far west -- under the mountains.

Stats generation: 5D6. Removed lowest two. Ignore results of 6 or 7.

No prestige classes yet. This includes the Forsaker.

Feat Selection: Pathfinder SRD Page. "Prodigal Caster" from Forgotten Realms." + anything on the Forum/website.

Studied Casters (like wizards) May have one spell from each level category per character level + INT mod.

All skills from Pathfinder Core are available + ones on website and forum.

For those interested in Alchemy -- I will send over the information as to how we will handle alchemy -- suffice to say -- alchemy will take over as a method for non-magic users to make useful potions.

Characters are advised against taking Tech skills in conjunction with casting characters -- unless you DO want to play a walking contradiction.

Steps to Character Creation:
1) Think of a character concept.
2) Answer the questions on the character creation discussion panel.
3) Await to receive stats + race.
4) Choose class.
5) 3rd level character.
6) Finish making character.

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For using OOC chat in the middle of an In-Play Post (the story threads) please use
(*OOC) before the Out of Character portion of your post.
use (/OOC) at the end of the Out of Character portion of your post.

When you are declaring the use of a skill check, please use #skill check#. (Please state this at the END of the description of your action.)

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Please use quotation marks
" "
around SPOKEN portions of your actions. Use the descriptive text of your actions to indicate if you are whispering, speaking normally, shouting, whatever.
Speech up to 12 words will be considered a free action in combat.