View Full Version : Looking for a DM and a few Players for a game to be hosted in myu home in Whitby ON

09-19-2010, 04:42 PM
The game started up Monday Oct 18th 2010, and is a Homebrew 4E Campaign set loosly in the Forgotten Realms. The game runs on Monday evenings from 6:45PM to 9:30PM. We have 4 players and a DM and that is what the space will allow, so for now our table is full. But we will take names for a waiting list, as things happen and people from time to time have to step away from the table creating an opening in the roster that can be filled from the said waiting list.

10-03-2010, 07:05 PM
Hi things have changed a little bit since my last poste, I have contacted 4 other interested players and and an interested DM, but have lost my ability to host the game. Fortunately for me one of the players has taken the oppertunity and offered their place as a hosting location, and we have planned to meetup at a neutral location at the Coffee time in the plaza at 701 Rossland Rd E, at the corner of Rossland Rd and Garden St, (the plaza with the IDA) on Monday Oct 11th at approx 7PM, . That way we can have a chance to meet each otherlbefore deciding if we are comfortable with each, and the other player is comfortable with us before we head to his place for a weekly game.

11-20-2010, 08:29 AM
If any of this falls through, I am interested in either playing or DM'ing. I live in Bowmanville, but depending on the schedule I can travel as far as whitby to play.
I could host games as well any day after 7pm.

11-21-2010, 11:50 AM
Hi Claven, thanks for youir offer, but sorry our game is full at the moment, but I can add your name to start a waiting list, should one of us current players have to bow out due to changing life circumstances and you could then fill the opening in the roster. We have now been playing since the 18th of October. Sorry, I wish you luck finding a game to join or start. I would suggest you could try Meetup.com ( it has 2 groups in the GTA), ENworld and the Wotc Classifieds, and be persistant and you will find something, or get it rolling, especially if you are willing to DM, there are a lot of players looking for DM's out there. Good Luck and Happy Gaming.

04-14-2011, 10:17 PM
Hi Claven, I thought I would drop ypo a line and invite to join our group, if you still have not found a group to play with. We are currently running through some Gammaworld but will be returning to our homebrewed 4E campaign in a little while. One of our number has bowed out leaving a spot vacant at our table. We play on thursday evenings. If your interested you can contact me at olinsoulforger@yahoo.ca

06-14-2012, 02:02 PM
Hi there. I've just recently moved to Whitby, interested in joining a 4E game. Wouldn't mind joining if you have room, or being put on a waiting list!