View Full Version : "Screw The Rules" Dungeons & Dragons Game

09-18-2010, 03:29 PM
Having played every possible edition of Dungeons & Dragons since the boxed sets, I have settled on a minimal-rules style in which the fantasy and storyline outweigh the tables and statistics. Ordinary combat is relatively rare. You can come and play even if you don't own any books or dice of your own. My games turn into epic stories full of humor and plot twists that people remember for years.

I have a nice big house in which it's easy to host games on any day and at any hour. The house is smoke and 420 friendly and I have cats and a dog, so it's not a very allergy-friendly home if you're allergic to any of these things. I'm nice about giving other players a chance to GM if they want to. Ideally I prefer to start at very low levels. I don't like killing off players and outright death is a rarity. There is frequently "adult content" and taboos are constantly being broken.

My one caveat is that I do not allow Evil player characters. Apart from not being able to be Evil, I like to say that if you can think of it, I'll try to find a way to let you do it.