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09-17-2010, 11:05 PM
UPDATE: This game is now full up.


Okay, here's the deal: Our dimension isn't in a good place. It's impossible for the human mind to really comprehend dimensional geography, but basically, what we know as reality is smack in the middle of a really bad neighborhood, wearing all the wrong colors.

Wherever lots of people gather (like, say, big cities), the fabric of our reality stretches and distorts. Sometimes, small holes open and dark energy from the surrounding dimensions leaks in. Other times, BIG holes open and unthinkable horrors leak in. Either way, bad news.

Enter the Special Investigations Agency, a US government organization dedicated to keeping the evil out and keeping the public blissfully ignorant of the all-encompassing potential for squishy tentacular doom. See, that kind of thing has a tendency to foster panic in your average voter.

Problem is, people also tend to notice when unearthly weirdness is gurgling at their doorstep, and it takes a decent crew with some unwieldy, decidedly noticeable equipment to fight off demons, myths, legends, and other such unspeakables, clean up the mess, and seal the holes. Someone's bound to notice. That's why the SIA has sorted out a rather unorthodox solution: Rock bands!

Think about it: touring musicians have a few band members and some roadies, plus a manager or agent or whatever. You know, an official-looking man in a suit that covers business issues. Right there, you have your crew. Send a black van of secret agents in sunglasses and a big truck full of strange equipment somewhere, and people are going to ask questions. Send a rock band in a tour bus with a truck full of strange equipment, and they're going to buy tickets, and you can hide the otherworldly happenings in plain sight. And, conveniently, they're SUPPOSED to be touring.

The SIA can detect hotspots where supernatural jiggities are about to or have recently gone down. When they find them, they send the bands to take care of it. When nothing's on their radar, the tour continues as normal (although normal bands probably don't check for and exterminate nests of vampires around each venue).

You as players will be playing band members of one such band of musical operatives. The SIA approached you after you achieved your fame and signed you to a very different kind of major label.


It's probably best to have character creation take place as a group once we've assembled enough players, so that (along with introductions and pizza) will take up our first session.

I'm really not looking for rules lawyers or overly munchkin-esque kinds of players here. The Rule of Fun is firmly in place and will supersede the rulebook anytime it comes down to it, and creativity and good role-playing will be rewarded. Please note that this does not mean your characters can't die*!

As you can probably tell, the tone of this campaign is not going to be overly serious. Think Spinal Tap and the Men In Black versus Cthulhu and the Army of Darkness.

Players new to the system (or even role-playing itself) need not worry; Savage Worlds is not a terribly complex system, and I'll gladly teach anyone who needs teaching.

If you're interested, please POST HERE in the thread rather than PMing.

*Especially if you're the drummer. They seem to have a habit of spontaneously exploding.

UPDATE: This game is now full up.