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09-16-2010, 11:51 PM
ok, so im creating a new charachter for a game my friends and I have been playing for a while now. My last charachter died after killing casus fett. Anyways, there are 2 jedi, 1 is force power dude, the other is a melee combat master, a pilot, and a politician. As of right now it seems both me and the group want me to play the tank once more, because everyone else is low on reflex and hp. But i was also thinking of having a base of operations and having the feat natural born leader. There is a fair amount of diplomacy in this one which is why i dont want to go pure tank like before. its 28 point buy and im thinking of being nagaii and this is what i got so far.


skills persuasion, kno(tactics), craft starship, perception, Inititive

1)Soldier: T: armored defense F: Martial arts 1
2)Scoundrel: T: Advantageous opening
3)Soldier: F: Improved Armor Defense
4)Scoundrel: F: Skill Focus (Starship design) +1 dex and con
5)Soldier: T: Improved Armor Defense6)Scoundrel:
6)Scoundrel:T:Thrive in Chaos F:Natural Born Leader
7)Soldier: F: Grand Armor of the Republic

Then I was planning on taking elite trooper, and the talent Ambusher next level and Force of Personality later so i add my charisma to my will. but idk, thats just what i got so far. oh and yeah, we are lvl 7.

Inquisitor Tremayne
09-21-2010, 05:33 PM
What do you want help with? Looks like a good direction to me. Elite Trooper is always good, maybe with a bit of the Charlatan PrC thrown in.

01-23-2011, 01:13 PM
Okay, your in a good position here kid, but you have the DPS's with the Jedi, what you need to take now is tough as nails, (sw rpg main book) get an extra second wind in there, also take Hard target (rebellion era) so you can get more than 1 second wind a day, good point to take extra second wind as well so you can stay alive as long as you need too, 3rd as the tank your gonna want to start going in for elite soldier levels, before you do this though, get proficiency heavy weapons, the other guys might appreciate you bringing the area attack weapons to the table, Now once you got Elite Commando your gonna want to get Shoulder to Shoulder (clone wars) from the republic commando talent tree, this gives you temporary hit points each round you start in an adjacent square to an ally, You might also want to get Strength in numbers to give your DR a +2 boost, if your character is also Mandalorian I would suggest getting "Mandalorian Glory" (kotor) just so you can unlock "armored Mandalorian" this will grant you an additional boost to your DR based on your existing DR and your armors Fortitude bonuses