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09-15-2010, 04:52 PM
Hello everyone, as with time, people move away and we're looking to fill our ranks of players.

We are looking for 4 players, age is not important as long as you have your own transportation. Currrently our club games are held in Oakville but in the new year it will be held in Mississauga, on the border of Brampton.

We play fantasy RPG particularly Castles and Crusades and our own World of Lykarnia RPG systems. These are high role-playing, low roll-playing type games for people that enjoy action and drama. During our break periods, there are lots of opportunity to playtest our games. To date we've published a fantastic game called Mysterious Circumstances and our upcoming one Flesh Wounds is proving that it'll be a big hit.

As an added bonus, as part of our game club you'll get first dibs on playtesting any of our new games or contribute to our quarterly magazine. If you're interested please PM me here.

To learn more about our group please check out www.bigironvault.com (http://www.bigironvault.com) or look us up on facebook!


Keith Foo

Big Iron Vault