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09-15-2010, 03:12 PM
Get ready to do some villian stomping in the Champions universe!
Join up with the greatest student superteam in the history of the New CU[at least in the mind of Tempest!] TEAM ALPHA! As a member of this team you're to train under the tuteledge of oneof the great heroes TECH KNIGHT while you proform missions on--and off--the campus. Oh yeah! while you're battling teen villians and adverting natural disasters you've also have to deal with the
baggage that we call teenage life[Schoolwork,dating,family,etc.].
this campaign is interconnected with the COURT OF DREAMS[out now] and BAD ATTITUDE[coming soon]. to join in as a member or create your own hero[ine],PM me or email me via the following:

The two games are now social groups but they'll become pbp board by the time of this writing.:cool: