View Full Version : Pathfinder Society: Year of the Shadow Lodge Event, October 2nd

09-14-2010, 10:14 AM
The Year of the Shadow Lodge is coming! Clear your schedules, you donít want to miss this unique Pathfinder Society event coming up on October 2nd at the Redmond Games and Gizmos at Noon.
For those of you who havenít heard of this event, let me enlighten you. The Year of the Shadow Lodge is a special Society mission in which multiple tables of Pathfinders work together throughout the mission. Pathfinders of all levels (except 12Ö so not really allÖ but 1-11 are fine) are welcome to come join and share their skills to help fight this epic battle.

To sign up for this event, contact Blake Davis at: karuikage AHT karuikage DHOT net.