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09-12-2010, 12:05 PM
2nd ed GM and cleric looking for more players.

Game would be Forgotten Realms, 2nd rules set, though modified to overcome some shortcomings, and would ideally take place every Saturday.

The game would be located in Winston-Salem.

A letter from the GM:
================================================== ==
I've been gaming almost non-stop since 1982 and have run or played in
just about every type of game imaginable. Generally, I try to get a
feel for the players and give them the amount of RP and/or combat they
want. I see it as their game - I'm just there to referee. If you want
a hack 'n slash dungeon crawl, I'm game. If you want a night of RP as
though we were members of the local thespian group, I can do that,
too. Of course, anything in between is doable as well.

I am an unorthodox DM. I do have a lot of house rules that I think
make the system more interesting, though I won't force them on the
players. If everyone wishes to go by the book, I can do it that way
too. I tend to focus on higher level games since there are only so
many orc battles I can stomach before I crave real action. I also run
the game with more magic than what most are used to, but trust me, no
characters ever get so powerful that I can't kill them ;)

Mostly I run heavily modified game modules - creating homebrew worlds
has never been my strong point. Mostly my games are in the Forgotten
Realms, but I've run in Ravenloft, Mystara, Planescape, and Greyhawk.
It isn't totally unusual for characters to find themselves visiting
several campaign settings - except Krynn. No
self-respecting character would ever willingly go there.

I take my gaming pretty seriously. While I'm not opposed to
some extraneous conversation at the table (especially with a new
group), I like to keep focused - and usually I'll keep everyone
engaged enough that all thoughts of Monty Python ("it's only a flesh
wound"), Star Wars, and last night's episode of the Simpsons won't be
high on anyone's priority list.

We don't have a full group yet. This is still a fledgling undertaking,
but I prefer running for smaller groups of around 4 or 5 players plus
the DM. Anything more than that and people get fidgety waiting for
their turn, and RP is far far far far far more difficult.
================================================== ==

09-12-2010, 12:40 PM
Moved to Campaign Invitations section so that people looking for a game can see it. Good luck with the player search.