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09-11-2010, 10:22 AM
Join Green Dragon Adventures a solo roleplaying game created for the busy individual who has limited time to offer.

- Don't worry about being in the game at a specific time!

- Creation process is very simple! Choose a race, class, and a name for your adventurer and a character sheet will be created automatically!

- Enjoy rank listings and watch your adventurer rise to the top

- Have plenty of places to adventure including the underworlds, caves, mountains, towns, and arenas

- Meet friendly staff members at the site that will guide you every step of the way on how to use the site most effectively

- Enjoy a classic feel of PBEM as of Forum and chat room options while playing your games.

- Green Dragon Adventures allows you to exploit your imagination and not the other way around

- Have live award winning game creators host you!

Read some of the testimonials this game has received!

By 4 dwarves:

I have enjoyed this sight since I first heard about it. The freedom it affords you when it comes to all the options it gives for your gaming pleasure.

By Teresa:

This site looks great! Everyone is friendly and willing to help. This site has quality members that make a difference to the whole game play. It would be stupid not join and enjoy classic style tabletop gaming online in the forums or chat rooms.

By Garisse Burrad:

This is a fantastic RPG site!! The owner is willing to do anything to make the players happy and provide for an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience.There is a wealth of resources available for gamers! In my opinion, this is the finest gaming site on the internet!

By Tiage:

I have been playing John's rpg for a while now and must say I love this site. Started on Justsayhi, but this site is much better. So easy to use. The game is a lot of fun always something to get into.

and many more!!

Join now and enjoy quick and easy game that takes only minutes to learn. What are you waiting for join now! www.fantasychapters.com (http://www.fantasychapters.com)