View Full Version : LFG -- Fantasy (or Other), West LA

09-08-2010, 05:49 PM
Apologies if this isn't posted correctly. I'm LFG in West Los Angeles. GM'd for many years but would prefer to play. Fantasy would be good, or possibly Science Fiction. Ideally, I'd like my 8 yr old (very intelligent) to join in with us in a G-rated game that's NOT mostly combat. We prefer problem-solving and role-playing adventure to endless hack'n'slash. Please click on my Profile page to see the genres, systems and worlds I'm interested in, as well as more on my background (suffice it to say I'm a grognard). Some key words might include: Tolkien, Traveller, Tekumel and Runequest. Oh, and Starwars d6 for my 8 yr old. :)

Hope to hear from you, thanks!