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Galactic Overlord
09-06-2010, 01:14 PM
Some years ago, I had an idea for a different kind of game system, one that could be played on three different levels. I have played the Sim games and Kingmaker games where you created cities and empires, board warfare and tactical games have always been quite popular in many genres, and RPGs pretty much started the gaming craze. Inspired by all of these, I sought to combine them all into one system, which is now online at http://www.coronagalaxy.com

I am looking for a stalwart group of gamers who can help me play test the system as I finish the individual elements. You must be flexible and experienced with RPG-style games, that is to say, dice-and-paper games. Some knowledge and/or experience with tactics and strategy will be handy: military or wargaming background a definite plus. People with an interest and/or solid knowledge base in history, the military, political science, philosophy or theoretical physics are also welcome, but such things are not absolutely necessary.

Oh, and you must love science fiction.

"Corona Galaxy" is the ultimate science fiction gaming experience. And since I believe that gaming is a form of interactive storytelling, it is also a platform for many tales yet to be told about a galaxy full of strange lifeforms, their hopes, dreams and fears. As a writer myself, I intend this to be a storytelling platform with over 20,000 years of prehistory leading up to the game setting and another 20,000 years of storyline already more or less plotted out. I have had players interested in writing stories, making art or music related to the game.

The cost for a ticket to this ride is your ideas and your creative energy. Everything done for the game becomes a part of the game and as such, my sole property. Everyone who contributes will get due credit in the R&D honor roles, otherwise, the chance to play in my sandbox is the only other compensation I can offer at this point. Artists, musicians, writers and other talented folks who wish to do more than just play, will be given a forum, a stage for their efforts with all the promotion and connections I can provide. It may be my bus and I may be driving it, but there is lots of room for people who want to come along for the ride. If this thing takes off like so many people think it will, I plan to take everyone along for the trip. A rising tide floats all boats, after all. But that is for the future. Right now, all I can promise is a lot of fun gaming and a chance to be a part of a dream that has nothing but future written all over it!

The plan is to get together two or three times through the 20th of September and perhaps once a week afterwards. I am in school at PCC, so I will have a schedule that I will have to adhere to, but perhaps a regular Friday or Saturday night or Sunday get-together or something, whatever works for us.

I am looking for four or five people for the play testing group. Please send me a short note with your gaming and real-world experience that you will be bringing to the table and your expected schedule for that time period. Thank you.