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09-05-2010, 09:52 PM
Us: Two adult, experienced Exalted players who have been stuck with one or the other running games for forever, and would like a chance to finally play together as players.

You: An experienced Exalted GM interested in a complex, intense campaign with two players who are very familiar with Exalted and what it can really do as the incredible setting it is.

Please contact at: Dances With Swords at Gmail dot com, without the spaces, with 'Exalted' somewhere in the title. Applicants will be rigorously interviewed :)

To whet your appetite, these are the two characters you will have the pleasure of running and plotting against with all of Creation at your fingertips.

From Dave:

She doesn’t have a name, she was never given one. Surely one was thought for her, written out by the spider-spirits who tend the loom of fate, scrawled on some scroll and carelessly lost between two filing cabinets in the great bureaucracy of fate. Her mother died in child-birth, alone on the streets of Dragon's Jaw, the great port city where ship laden with jade and firedust from all the South depart daily for the Realm. This girl’s name died as a faint whisper on her mother’s lips, as she herself screamed in agony. A family of beggars followed her infant cries to her and her mother, took her as their own, and raised her on the streets of Dragon's Jaw.

As a child, she became a pickpocket, then a thief before being arrested and sold to slavery at the palace of An-Teng. The queen took a fancy to her, but when the king found them together, he gave her to his warrior champions to rape and beat the slave girl and he himself scarred her face. The queen secretly let the slave escape, with jewels and water, and told her to run across the desert. The king’s men watched from the shadows though, caught her when she was far into the desert, tortured her and left her as a meal for the jackals.

Even broken, she slew the jackals with a knife, beneath the moon’s gaze. Luna appeared and exalted her, giving her a new name and telling Shifting-Sands to go and live freely. The other Lunars found her just days afterwards, ever finding new forms to take on. They tattooed her, told her of how the world had once been and told her that she must find her own place in this world. Months later, a wealthy foreign merchant came to the city, giving such splendid treasures to the beggars that the king sent his guards to invite this stranger for a feast. The king planned to kill the strange aristocrat at his feast, but he and his men did not know that Shifting-Sands had survived and planned for his treachery.

The king and his men died that night and she took on their faces. Since that day, all the queen has known is that the king hides in his chambers most of the day, his champions off on some mysterious errand, and yet her husband comes in the dark knight full of kindness and romance. He is like a different person and she is beginning to wonder. Deathknights came a week ago, bearing glorious treasures from their master, offering them as prizes to the king. Wearing the king’s face in front of the Abyssals, Shifting-Sands saw moonsilver riches and weapons and took them for herself. She cannot keep up this masquerade: she seeks to be free and to wander the world. Shifting-Sands has told the queen, at night, in bed, that the king is ill and that his champions hunt for a cure, but that she must prepare to become ruler soon. She plans to leave tonight, but little does she expect that the Abyssals know they were deceived and plan ambush her… tonight.

And from myself:

Millennia ago, the First Age knew a passionate young Solar exalt, the Eagle of the Beneficent Heavens. The Exalt started as an idealistic messenger who forged an alliance of reticent gods against their Primordial masters through persuasion and the occasional bit of mental manipulation. Eagle ended as a terror who casually rewrote the loves, fears and memories of any he cared to toy with to satisfy his twisted conception of the greater good. His impossibly potent charm even somehow persuaded the Sidereals that it was a good idea to create for him a blade that was impossible to remember, and whose blows could destroy utterly the memories of its victims, making them more compliant for the Eagle.

Of course, the Dragon-Blooded killed him. It was probably a sound decision. Particularly since dozens of warriors perished fighting one another at the terror's bidding until he was finally slain by a fang that had trained together for decades to fight blinded and deafened. Even so only two of the nine experienced Dragon-Blooded warriors in that fang survived, one of them left without any of his memories since childhood.

Six months ago a golden spark from Lytek's newly filled cabinet found itself racing toward the South to the great port city of Dragon's Jaw, in the Satrapy of An-Teng. There a young and idealistic political reformer by the name of Fluttering Crane stood, arguing in private with Weeping Willow, the primary proponent of the policies he opposed; policies, Crane was sure, would subletly but inevitably lead to an inevitable decay of Dragon's Jaw as anything that could be considered civilization.

To Crane's immanent astonishment, his opponent was not taking bribes to keep the city environment friendly to the Lintha pirates, as Crane suspected, but was an Infernal Exalted agent of the Yozis there to corrupt all of An-Teng as one stage in a greater plan toward bringing about a second hell.

That astonishment resulted from the otherworldly green glow that bloomed from the infernal Exalt as her soulsteel warfan's black razor edge lept toward his throat--only to be parried by the oricalcum sword with starmetal inlays that a gust of wind blew into his hands from seemingly nowhere, as the solar Exaltation bonded with the nascent hero's soul in a glorious blaze of raw golden power.

The astonishment became Weeping Willow's as Crane fought her to a standstill while cursing her corrupt plan. He escaped, and the air elemental tasked millennia ago by Crane's previous incarnation explained where the sword came from, and much more besides, including the location of his incarnation's manse.

Two months ago Fluttering Crane arrived at the location of the ruined manse, buried beneath rock and sand. The Dragon Blooded had done a thorough job of destroying it, but nearly a month of digging resulted in the discovery of the historical texts of the library, ignored by the Dragon Blooded since they contained no potent magics or unholy secrets.

Crane read, and came to understand that the First Age had somehow gone horribly wrong. He also came to understand the enemies of Creation, and how far Creation had fallen, how weak it had become.

Yesterday, Crane set out to fix all of that, and every systemic injustice in Creation besides. It seemed clear that no one else could, or they'd have done it long ago. And if he was reckoning correctly, precious little time in Creation remained to get it right.