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09-02-2010, 11:27 AM
Our group is currently seeking 1-2 players to join our bi-weekly gaming in Rowlett (East Dallas, Garland, Mesquite, Rockwall area). We strive for a solid mix of roleplay and combat but lean heavily towards intensive roleplay focused around character backgrounds and motiviations. Here are the important traits we are looking for in a player:

-Reliable (show up on time or at least call/email if running late...we spend 2-3 weeks+ building games)
-Willing to learn and put work into a system, character, game, campaign, etc
-Thick skinned (we like to talk about ways to improve after games and where mistakes were made and how to learn from them)
-Roleplayer (hack and slash personality is okay as long as you build a roleplaying character who supports it...a Barbarian from a tribe that honors violence would have reasons for doing what he does).

Now as for Dragon Age...this game is pretty fun (http://greenronin.com/dragon_age/). The system is very simple and runs smoothly. The unique thing about this game is the stunt system which allows characters/gm to do things only possible in other systems with additional powers/feats/etc. Example: In one session a player was up against an enemy and they rolled initative. The enemy won and rolled well so had several stunts it could use against the player. The enemy Threw a dagger, charged the player and disarmed him all in 1 round. Luck was on the side of the player because he also rolled well and was able to kick the weapon into his hand and stab the enemy with multiple lightning fast attacks....very intense scenes.

Feel free to send me a message on penandpaper or email my rpg account: nightshaderpg@gmail.com