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09-01-2010, 12:10 AM
Ever found some OGL material you loved but never got to use? Thought, 'Well, some day I'll put it in a game.'

That day is here.

Welcome to Questhaven, The Evocative City! In this supplement, patrons are encouraged to bring any and all old and new open gaming content options to the design, in order to make this project the most diverse and fun setting possible! With a broad range of tools and ideas, patrons will collaborate to populate a world where adventurers founded and lead the most powerful city of the realm. Opportunities to craft new mechanics, spells, items and monsters will be available throughout the process. There are no taboo topics in Questhaven as we strive to create a diverse and entertaining world packed with adventure.

The projectís guidelines are as follows:

145,000 words (approximately 195 pages)
Wide Open Worldbuilding
Adventurers literally rule the city-state as an oligarchy
Questhaven is a magical fantasy renaissance society taken to the logical extreme
Each piece of Questhaven will maintain a modular design that can placed in your campaign.
Everything in Questhaven uses something beyond the Core Products

Editor and Project Manager: Robert N. Emerson (Litorians, Ironborn of Questhaven)
Lead Designer: Steven D. Russell (To Kill or Not To Kill, In the Company of Giants)
Additional Designers: Owen K. C. Stephens, Jonathan McAnulty, David A Hill Jr, Ben Mcfarland, and Stefen Styrsky,
Artist: Mark Hyzer
Cartography: Jonathan Roberts.

Check it out HERE (http://ritepublishing.com/questhavencampaign.html).