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08-31-2010, 04:51 PM
I'm shopping ahead for players in the area who might be interested in joining a Fantasy PnP game.

The Setting will be Greyhawk (DnD core setting) but the game system will be HERO 5th Edition. I am presently in the process of converting the core character classes over (I've already got the Core Races converted).

The advantages of using HERO opposed to D20 3.5 is as follows:

HERO System is a point-buy system. Each power and ability is built upon a certain number of points. This prevents unbalancing game mechanics.
Use of a point-buy system allows for greater customization without having to multi-class excessively.
This also allows for races, powers/class abilities, and spells from other game systems to be adapted. This included the World of Warcraft and Diablo PC Games, as well as Sword and Sorcery, Warhammer, and other table-top RPGs.
While characters are created from DnD-inspired pre-built package deals, players have the option of picking and choosing options from different packages, allowing them to fully customize their characters.

The only core downfall of conversion is that there are some game-mechanics (such as Attacks of Opportunity) that do not transfer.

I already have one player for certain and another possible player. I would like to find another 2-4 players. Anyone interested may email me at: hvm2k2@live.com

As to what days and times the game will take place, it will be every-other week, on a weekday in the afternoons. I will have more information on that at a later time and date.

You can also reach me on the HERO Games Message Boards - www.herogames.com/forums (http://www.herogames.com/forums) - My user name is BlueCloud2k2

08-31-2010, 10:50 PM
Man, sounds like a fantastic game! Sadly, real life issues are keeping me busy these days, so I have to refuse. My own campaign is on hold for at least a couple of months until things slow down. Thanks for the invitation, though. :)

09-01-2010, 04:47 PM
You are most welcome. The game won't be starting up until I can finish my conversion (while it is heavily based on another guys conversion, I'm having to change a few things here and there).

Right now I've got the core races done (seriously thinking of redoing the gnome... don't like how it game out), and I've got the Barbarian, Druid and Fighter classes complete.

Of Course, I still have to do the other classes, the Feats, and the 1st-level Spells